Exhaust Silencers

Aletek manufactures a range of exhaust silencers to suit all diesel and gas engine applications.  Silencers come in a wide range of designs including commercial grade, residential grade, hospital grade, critical grade, super critical grade, extreme grade and super extreme grade.  Silencers are available in mild or stainless steel can be vertical or horizontally mounted.  For gas engine applications Aletek manufacture and certify explosion proof silencers to AS3814:2000 with pressure relief valves or disks depending on silencer size and circumstances.  Furthermore Aletek can incorporate spark arresting devices into all exhaust silencer types and also a range of emission control options.  To compensate the range of exhaust silencers, Aletek also manufacture expansion bellows, acoustically attenuated exhaust pipe and EPA approved exhaust stacks.  Contact us today to discuss

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