Catalytic Convertors & Diesel Oxidation Systems

No matter what industry you are in, it is important to consider your impact on the environment. This is particularly the case for those who are required to use diesel machinery. Without the use of emission control systems such as a diesel oxidation catalyst and filters, the affect a diesel engine can have on air quality can be devastating. If you are looking for an effective and affordable solution to your emission problems, the expert team at Aletek can help.

Here at Aletek, we utilise our global expertise in order to ensure the very latest technology and emission control products are available to the Australian market. With a key focus on improved air quality, we have a range of catalytic converters and other solutions available for you to ensure a safe work place and healthy environment. Our innovative range of solutions include the diesel oxidation catalyst, partial filter, diesel particulate filter and our SCR technology.

Aletek's exhaust filters are able to be integrated into the silencer muffler or can be purchased as a universal part for adaption onto the exhaust. Our filters and catalytic converters are available with the option of data loggers which are capable of capturing real time information such as emission levels, exhaust temperatures and backpressure levels. No matter what you are after - partial filter, particulate filter or catalytic converter - our prices and quality services ensure you can choose the Aletek team with confidence.

Minimise your effect on the environment and commit to cleaner air by choosing one of our quality emission control systems for your workplace. If you would like more information on our catalytic converter prices and other details, please contact us here at Aletek today. You can request a quote online or contact one of our offices directly.

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