Increased storage, productivity and safety are all part of our major warehouse redesign project with a focus on output and efficiency.

Supply Chain Manager Matt Foletti, and Production Manager Dave Lucas, have been busy working on a major redesign of the Bundaberg warehouse and thermal blanket manufacturing areas.

As our business evolves and grows; the necessary tools, procedures and facilities are required to support it. With a focus on output, Matt states that the new layout delivers:

  • A safer work environment with reduced pedestrian/forklift interaction
  • Increased internal storage capacity by 25%
  • Reduced manual handling with maximum picking heights of 1.6m
  • Improved traffic flow delivering greater efficiencies
  • Increased productivity from the introduction of a narrow aisle reach truck

In addition to the Bundaberg warehouse, we redesigned our Rutherford and Mackay warehouse layouts to deliver increased storage capability and improved inventory accuracy.

“I’m looking forward to where this journey takes us and the future improvements we put in place.”

Matt Foletti

It’s all part of our unwavering commitment to excellence and part of a bold vision to give you the winning edge. The Aletek Advantage, for winners.

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