On a site with corrosive conditions, a North Queensland client upgraded to an Aletek exhaust system and achieved up to 6-years on some components! Learn more about avoiding downtime and unplanned exhaust component replacement in our case study.

Situation: 793F Exhaust Parts Fail Early

Higher ownership costs due to downtime

In North Queensland, a multi-national client was experiencing reduced exhaust lifecycles. Moreover, their haul trucks are required to operate in harsh conditions with stringent requirements, as are many other sites.

The result is an increase in overall ownership costs and downtime caused by premature exhaust component failures.

18,322 Hrs

3 Aug 2015 – Complete exhaust system installed on 793F (0 hours for new system)

34,082 Hrs

8 Feb 2018 – Three engine pipes and bellows replaced (2.5 years from upgrade)

53,482 Hours

1 Jun 2021 – One muffler replaced (5.8 years from upgrade)

53,633 Hours

3 Aug 2021 – Two engine pipes and one muffler in operation (6 years from upgrade)

Upgrade: Direct-Fit Replacement to suit 793F

Extended Lifecycle

Direct-fit exhausts from Aletek can reduce overall ownership costs by 30 percent. We offer a fully interchangeable exhaust package that is compatible with OEM systems. Get the complete picture and all the insights in our full case study. 

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