Let’s get back into the ins and outs of DPFs with our DPF Essentials series, part 2. As mentioned in our previous post, a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) traps soot and burns it away at high temperatures, leaving only the by-product of ash inside.

Ash can’t pass through the DPF and cannot be burnt off (see photo 3). The ash slowly builds up in the end of the filter channels, reducing the surface area of the filter and creating an increase in backpressure. Once the filter forms too much backpressure it needs to be removed from the machine and cleaned.

Aletek’s DPF product range has been specifically designed to combat the issue of DPM. Our range of purpose-built DPFs includes Wall-Flow DPFs, Diesel Oxidation Catalysts and Flow-Through DPFs.

Aletek’s direct-fit DPFs are designed for maximum soot capacity, not engine size, high-flow design for low backpressure and increased filter surface for gas flow uniformity.

In addition to premium quality DPFs, Aletek’s rotable DPF frames add value. These frames feature forklift lift points, clear site identification graphics, sealing caps for inlets and outlets, and a secure DPF mounting. Rotable frames are ideal for protecting your equipment investment and make servicing easy.

Next, we’ll dive into DPF Data Loggers.

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