In Part 4 of our series on fire prevention, we’re digging deeper into our new and improved thermal insulation blankets.

These photos show thermography results for a Komatsu 930-4SE and the substantial heat reductions provided by our thermal blankets. Our team established the following stringent design criteria to improve issues with the old-style design:

  • MDG15 thermography compliance
  • All external surfaces under 150 degrees
  • Fit for purpose, snug fitting, non-itch product
  • Fitter & equipment friendly with no outer mesh or sharp internal foil
  • Fish scale design to prevent liquid/debris ingress
  • Lobster-back (one-way fit) for simplistic installation

Our new design satisfies these criteria with flying colours (pardon the pun) to provide a smarter, safer and snugger fitting lagging solution. In Part 5, we’ll share insights behind some of our innovative design features.

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