In Part 6 of our series on fire prevention, we’ll wrap up by looking at dual-walled exhausts. These work on a similar principle to lagging by providing an insulated outside surface to bring exhaust surface temperatures below fuel flashpoints.

Our dual-walled exhausts provide unrivalled control in reducing exhaust surface temperatures.

This thermography photo for a Komatsu haul truck depicts the substantial temperature reductions for the dual-walled exhaust versus the standard pipework. The contrast between the two is like night and day!

The following considerations should be taken into account when considering a dual-walled exhaust:

  • Increases longevity of the insulated system and mitigates the risk of insulation not being reapplied after servicing
  • Cannot be installed on engine componentry and some flanges require additional insulation due to heat transfer
  • Price slightly higher than combined cost of thermal lagging and standard exhaust kit

An investment in a dual-walled exhaust will go a long way to reducing the risk of engine fires and will help make your mine site safer. For specialist advice on mitigating fire risks for your mobile mining machinery talk to our expert team to learn more.

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