Extended product lifecycle for reduced downtime

We build solutions that add value for our customers, like our purpose-built exhaust range. Downtime is costly, and that’s why we consider an exhaust system an investment in your productivity. Aletek direct-fit exhausts are designed and manufactured for extended product lifecycle and interchangeability with OEM parts.

In part one of our Heavy-Duty Exhaust essentials series, we dig deeper into the ins and outs of direct-fit convenience.

What is a Direct-Fit Exhaust?

  • A direct-fit exhaust design suits a specific brand and model
  • The exhaust follows the path of the original OEM system and bolts into place without any major modifications or hot works
  • The system is compatible with OEM engine specifications

The key metric is productivity

The common goal is productivity when it comes to mining operations, fleet performance, and maintenance. An exhaust system for a haul truck, dozer or excavator is subject to demanding work environments and rigorous operational stresses. Premature component or system failure results in unplanned downtime and increased TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Aletek’s direct-fit range can help boost productivity for your fleet by:

  • Improved reliability – prevent unplanned downtime and maintenance costs
  • Durability – demonstrated on-field endurance (see our 793F link below)
  • Supply dependability – ‘in stock’ commitment for less downtime on key assets
  • ROI – a strategic upgrade that can deliver an estimated 30% reduction in TCO

Direct-fit gives you options

  • Direct-fit systems offer you conveniences like the choice of suppliers, competitive pricing, and a contingency in the case of an OEM stock shortage. Most importantly, Aletek makes improvements to OEM designs where possible for reliability, like:
  • Solid machined flanges to prevent cracking on engine pipe ends
  • Dual-wall pipes with strategically located vent ports prevent failure of inner pipe wall
  • Parts improvements like bellow upgrades and custom brackets

As Aletek specialises in exhaust systems, you get an unrelenting commitment to the mastery of a bespoke product. To one-up this, our thermal insulation blanket upgrades complement our direct-fit solutions by shielding hot components to protect your fleet from the risk of fire.

Buy the best in kind, for peace of mind

When it comes to improving productivity for your fleet, investing in equipment and accessories that are best in class is a must.

We may be a little biased, but we believe an Aletek direct-fit exhaust package is an investment in your productivity.

Aletek Direct-Fit Advantages

  • Choice – an alternative to OEM parts with design improvements
  • Compatibility – interchangeable with OEM parts
  • Reliability – proven durability in harsh mining environments
  • Savings – reduced total ownership costs
  • Convenience – in-house manufacturing for hassle-free installs
  • Security – backed by our Direct-Fit Replacement Guarantee

Your next steps

Contact one of our experts today to learn more about how our direct-fit exhausts can improve fleet productivity and extend exhaust product lifecycles.

Next, in our Exhausts Essentials series, we will dig deep into replacement exhaust parts.

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