Without a doubt, the 1HZ LandCruiser is one of the most robust LVs (light vehicles) in any underground hard-rock mining application. Now you can get more out of your LandCruiser with our innovative patent-pending Wall Flow DPF that has achieved over 12 months of operation without the need for cleaning or maintenance!

Here’s some of the technical features that make our LV DPF the safer, and more efficient choice for improved performance and air quality underground:

  • Passive regenerating designs
  • Partial Flow filter designs available
  • Manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel
  • Heavy gauge 5mm & 8mm plate construction for high fatigue zones
  • Filters require no active regeneration or fuel additives
  • Backpressure and temperature logger to ensure peak performance
  • Suitable for Toyota Landcruiser and other light vehicles

We’re passionate about helping mine sites and mining contractors reduce DPM levels underground. Reach out to discuss how you can improve the air quality and efficiency of your underground fleet today.

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