When R&D is in your companies DNA, you take every opportunity to test, test, test! It seemed inconceivable to us that we had never Torture Tested our Promo Gear??? How do Aussies test anything (especially during COVID)? Grab some gear and… “Road Trip”!

As a start, we firstly needed to see what one of the first Europeans thought of our gear? Our good mate Captain Cook said he not only liked the cap, but he also needed it as the Cooktown sun was hot nowadays. Then it was time to push it to the limit!

Challenge completed, cold beers and no sunburn all the way, surely tested enough! Hmmm, to this point we hadn’t tested the durability, so, step to the mark my Son. It’s OK, we got the Hat back.

Still was this Aussie tested hard enough, only a true Aussie Stockman could tell. He held it with pride!

We did complete some 6500km testing products in some really harsh conditions. Like everything we do at Aletek, our culture means we’re going to have heaps of fun doing it. Keep an eye out as we post the testing and results of our torture test to the Cape.

Thanks for sharing some great memories with us Pete!

#CapeYork #QLD #triedandtested #Aletek #MiningAustralia #roadtrip

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