Meet Pete, our Operations Manager. Pete loves a good story, we’ll let him fill us in.

“I’ve been with Aletek for 3.5 years now. I met Hamish one night at the old facility and he sold the dream well. I hit the ground feet running and brought Dave Lucas on board to inject a new dynamic in the office. Tamara joined us and these two changed the dynamic of our business. I started at Aletek with 25 employees and now we’re around the 80 mark.

What drives me? Going on the journey with people, lifting them from where they are to where they can be. Think outside of the box, as long as you put more time, energy and thought into anything than the person before you did, you will make it better!

Everyone has a partner/parents/kids or someone they love who depends on them, what we do here is for them and their lifestyle. If I swing the lead and don’t go the extra mile, I put somebodies loved one they support, lifestyle in jeopardy. It’s not all about me. Don’t think more highly of yourself than you should.

Fun fact; for 5 years when I was younger I worked 2 full-time jobs, built and maintained multiple race car chassis and ran a youth group with over 50 regulars.”

Hear more from Pete in his Aletek Story Video.

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