Aletek thermal insulation blankets consist of high-grade raw materials. Each layer serves a specific purpose as follows:

1. Silicone-Coated Outer

Aletek created this custom-designed exterior layer in partnership with a European supplier. This protective layer features a fully infused fibre-reinforcement. It is coated in temperature-treated silicon inside and out, to give the right balance between strength, temperature resistance, flexibility and ease of handling. These attributes shield against oil absorption, and no outer mesh is required preventing abrasion with engine components.

2. Silica Insulation

This inner layer is a crucial medium in controlling the heat in thermal blankets. Aletek’s silica insulation has a heat range of up to 1700°C and superior heat dissipation. These properties allow Aletek thermal blankets to remain in their original condition long after installation. A significant benefit is the itch-free nature of this layer compared to competitors’ products that use e-glass.

3. Silica Cloth

The silica cloth layer is rated to over 1000°C and protects the heat-dissipating silica from dirt, oil and other contaminants that may reduce effectiveness and lifespan.

4. Stainless Steel Mesh

The internal-facing stainless steel mesh helps reinforce and maintain shape for Aletek’s thermal blankets. This mesh is produced from quality stainless steel to provide a formidable barrier against corrosion, heat, and abrasion. It also serves to provide an initial standoff distance from the extreme temperatures engine exhaust components achieve.

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