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Don’t compromise the integrity of your fleet by using sub-standard or inferior thermal insulation blankets (lagging). High-quality thermal blankets reduce the surface temperature of engine components to reduce fire risk. Aletek blankets are tailor-made for mobile equipment like trucks, dozers, excavators, graders and loaders.

In part two of our Thermal Blanket essentials series, we will share insights into the “what, why, and where” of blanket use for mobile equipment protection.

What are thermal blankets?

Thermal insulation blankets provide a physical barrier between heat-critical engine components and flammable liquids. Aletek thermal blankets consist of four function-specific layers. The layers from top to bottom are a grey silica-coated outer, silica insulation, silica cloth, and a stainless-steel mesh.

These blanket layers create a product that is impermeable, flexible, durable, and capable of withstanding 1000°C temperatures.

The silica used is non-itch, providing comfort for maintenance crews, and it won’t go brittle. Aletek uses quick-fit springs with keyrings for easy installation and maintenance access (quick removal and refitting).

Why use blankets on mobile equipment?

Thermal blankets provide a physical barrier between extreme-heated engine components and potential fire hazards such as fuel and coolant. Aletek blankets are impermeable (when installed correctly), so fuel or oils cannot reach heat sources, aiding fire mitigation and enhancing workplace health and safety.

Thermal blankets can help shield high voltage lines from contacting hot exhaust surfaces for assets like the Komatsu 830E-AC.

Without blankets, engine servicing and maintenance is dependent on temperature. Cool-down times are typically long, and servicing is unsafe if rushed. Blankets reduce the outer-surface temperature on heat-critical components, such as turbos, manifolds and engine pipes, allowing safer maintenance and worker safety.

Fit for purpose and purposed for fit

Aletek thermal blankets are tailor-made for a snug fit and enable access to essential components for maintenance (e.g. oil and fuel lines and inspection points). Our blankets utilise a fish-scale design, ensuring all pieces overlap to account for the effects of gravity (e.g. upper sections overlap lower sections).

This design allows liquid, fluids, and debris from running off the blankets, thereby minimising the potential of seepage and ignition in adjoining areas.

Aletek blankets feature a lobster-back design, meaning fewer blanket parts and fewer fitment errors, as the pieces only fit one way. This design feature reduces install times and potential fitting issues. We install sewn collars on inter-part connections, including manifold to turbo, turbo to engine pipe, and engine pipe to muffler. Sewn collars ensure there are no hot spots or potential ignition sources. Our blankets are fitter-friendly and equipment-friendly, with no sharp internal foil or outer mesh.

Your next steps

For more information about thermal insulation blankets and how to fit and maintain them, contact us for a copy of the Aletek Blankets Install & User Guide.

Next, in our Thermal Blanket essentials series, we will reveal the importance of blankets for turbos and manifolds as a minimum requirement.

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