HVAC & Commercial

In urban environments, un-wanted noise generated by HVAC and other mechanical equipment in buildings are fast becoming a contentious acoustic problem and a challenge for builders and contractors. This equipment is installed at building roof tops or in plant rooms within the building. Modern high rise building facilities such as hospitals etc often also have emergency back-up power generators. Such equipment can be a source of high mechanical noise resulting in an environmental nuisance for surrounding buildings as well as occupants within the same building.

Australia has stringent environmental regulations for environmental noise within urban environments as well as high standards for acoustic comfort for occupied spaces within buildings. To meet these regulatory requirements and standards, control measures for HVAC and commercial noise are often necessary.

Aletek has extensive experience of working with mechanical contractors, builders and consultants to design and supply noise control solutions for HVAC and commercial applications.

Range of products and services offered by Aletek for HVAC and commercial noise control include:
  • Generator Room and Plant room acoustics
  • Attenuators
  • Acoustic Louvres
  • Exhaust Silencers
  • Acoustic Barriers
  • Acoustic Ducts
  • Acoustic Enclosures for HVAC equipment
  • Wall panels/lining
  • Acoustic Doors

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