Aletek has engineered and designed an extensive range of sound attenuators suitable for HVAC, mining and industrial applications. These sound attenuators are manufactured in many varieties, module sizes and materials. Aletek range of attenuators are an excellent choice for applications requiring maximum insertion loss (noise reduction), low static pressure drop, low maintenance, and quick delivery.

Aletek sound attenuator range comprises of two series of attenuators:

Industrial attenuators:

Aletek’s industrial attenuators are engineered to ensure personal comfort, health and safety, while helping our clients to comply with environmental regulations and community standards. These are available in an extensive range of standard models. Owing to our in-house acoustic and CAD design capabilities, we can offer highly customised sound attenuator solutions to suit any type of industrial application, no matter how complicated or large. Aletek industrial attenuators are manufactured in galvanised steel or stainless steel, as per the requirements. The acoustic infill material conforms to ISO 7235:2003 – Early Fire Hazard. The attenuators are manufactured in a fully welded configuration to suit the harsh industrial applications.

HVAC attenuators:

Aletek has engineered a specialised range of attenuators keeping in mind the HVAC applications. HVAC series of attenuators are available in rectangular and circular configurations in a large of standard models or in custom design options. While these attenuators are primarily designed to suit HVAC systems, standard modifications readily make them suitable for industrial applications. 

Aletek’s team comprises of highly experienced acoustic engineer and uses a number of software packages and in-house tools for outdoor noise propagation calculations, room acoustic assessment and duct sound analysis. Based on these calculations and assessment, suitable noise control products are then selected to ensure achievement of the acoustic and other system performance specifications.

Typical Applications:
  • Building and industrial power generator room ventilation
  • Building plantrooms
  • Industrial plantrooms
  • Air-conditioning ductwork
  • Gas release/blowdown vents
  • Mining and construction mobile equipment noise control
  • Mine ventilation fans
  • Cooling towers
  • Chillers
  • Fans
  • Acoustic enclosures
  • Rectangular straight flow
  • Circular straight flow
  • Rectangular elbow
  • Custom designs as required.

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