Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Near me

Cleaning is recommended once backpressure starts consistently peaking over 15 kPa. The timeframe of the first clean will be dependent on many different factors including age and condition of the machine, through to duty cycles etc. Aletek wall-flow DPF's commonly achieve in excess of 4,000 operating hours before a clean is required.

Overview of cleaning process:

  1. 'Dirty' DPF is weighed on the soot scale.
  2. Flow test and inspection is done on the DPF.
  3. DPF is placed into soot removal cabinet using a 'duel force' blast and vacuum system.
  4. DPF is placed into regeneration oven to burn off all remaining soot.
  5. Another flow test and weigh is done on the 'clean' DPF.
  6. Cleaning report completed and sent to the client.

DPF cleaning service includes:

  • DPF clean and reporting as detailed above.
  • New gaskets supplied with the cleaned DPF.

Estimated turnaround time:

  • Cleaning - 24-48 hours (plus transit time).

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