Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

Aletek offers a wide range of OEM and retrofit oxidation catalysts for all types of off-highway machinery, including construction, mining, earthmoving and materials handling vehicles.

The Aletek range of catalytic converters and diesel purifiers utilises a precious metal diesel oxidation catalyst bonded to a monolithic 'flow through' catalyst core. The cores are made form corrugated thin-wall cellular ceramic and high temperature resistance stainless steel foil.

Aletek catalytic converters drastically reduce carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and exhaust irritants from diesel engine exhausts. Aletek catalytic converters contain a brazed metallic honeycomb substrate with a precious coating depending on the application. A variety of catalyst types are available including three-way catalyst for rich burn engines, oxidation catalyst for lean burn engine and diesel engine applications. Catalysts can be purchased for retrofit into exhaust piping or integration into our silencer packages.

The advantages of Aletek’s Diesel Catalytic Converters are:

  • Maintenance friendly and designed for trouble free performance·      
  • Custom designed for each vehicle model to directly replace the OEM muffler
  • Lowest exhaust flow restriction for any purifier resulting in lowest backpressure
  • Effectively removes carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and exhaust irritants



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