DPF Systems for Atlas Copco and Epiroc

Aletek DPFs are tailor-made to suit Atlas Copco and Epiroc underground mining machines. Our DPFs remove more than 99% of DPM (Diesel Particulate Matter) produced by diesel engines and are direct-fit replacements for in-line installation with engine exhaust systems. We’re committed to creating a safer underground by tackling DPM at the source.

Strategic Benefits
  • A safer working environment with >99% DPM removal
  • Exceptional emission reductions with premium North American made filters
  • Oversized filters to avoid low power and backpressure issues
  • Decreased cleaning costs with extended service cycles
  • Reduced TCO for product lifecycle (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Australian-made with superior design and construction

Our Diesel Particulate Filters provide extended service life, which typically results in a 30-40% reduction in TCO. The regenerative catalyst coating on Aletek Wall-Flow filters features the latest technology for improved operational performance and reduced downtime.

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Aletek DPFs for Epiroc MT65 Underground Minetrucks

Aletek DPF components for Epiroc MT65 Underground Minetrucks

Get more out of your Epiroc MT65 truck with an Aletek DPF for maximum effectiveness in trapping DPM to protect underground workers. Our ‘outside the box’ approach and superior design make considering an MT65 DPF upgrade a must.

  • In-line replacement integrates with existing exhaust systems for easy installation
  • A Data Logger records backpressure, exhaust gas temperature and engine RPM
  • Heavy duty rock cover included to protect your equipment investment
  • An optional rotable frame safeguards your DPF during transit (cleaning, storage and servicing)

Worker safety is paramount on all mine sites. Consider upgrading your MT65 Minetrucks with Aletek direct-fit replacement DPFs for cleaner air and improved performance.

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 Aletek DPF highlights for Epiroc MT65 Underground Minetrucks

Aletek DPFs for Atlas Copco Underground Trucks

Aletek DPFs for Atlas Copco underground trucks

Get more out of your MT5020 and MT6020 trucks with Aletek’s industry-leading DPF exhaust package. We design our systems meticulously to deliver improved efficiency, impressive performance and maximum durability.

Aletek DPFs for Atlas Copco Underground Drill Rigs

Aletek DPFs for Atlas Copco underground drill rigs

We offer a purpose-built DPF for drill rigs such as the Atlas Copco M2D rocket boomer. Our system integrates with existing OEM engine pipes and delivers enhanced performance and filtration.


Protect Your Workers from Harmful Emissions

Partner with Aletek for your underground fleet emission control requirements. We are expert DPF solution providers with a proven track record. Solutions we’ve created for underground mining machines include:

  • Atlas Copco Drill Rigs: M2D DPF or pDPF
  • Atlas Copco Trucks: MT5020 DPF, MT6020 DPF, and muffler-only options
  • Epiroc Trucks: MT65 DPF and muffler-only option
  • Ask us about DPFs for other models
  • Thermal blankets available for Atlas Copco and Epiroc

We back our products with DPF condition monitoring services to assist with predictive servicing and maintenance. Our team can provide site-based support, onsite/remote data downloads and data assessment for lifecycle forecasting. Ask us about our onsite emission testing services, including nDPM ambient testing.

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