Sound Suppression Exhaust Systems

Aletek provides a complete range of heavy-duty exhaust systems for the aboveground and underground mining sector including all components and accessories. With the largest stock holdings in Australia, Aletek provides cost effective Australia made solutions with direct fit replacement guarantee and complete OEM cross reference.

Aletek supplies a range of sound suppression exhaust packages and noise attenuation kits for mobile mining equipment applications for areas where stringent noise levels are in place. These include stage one, two and three attenuation packages which consist of exhaust silencer kits, radiator attenuators and attenuated fan, engine bay panels and acoustic linings for engine enclosures, drivetrain and transmission attenuation and much more.

Aletek excels in the direct fit replacement of sound suppressed exhaust systems. Our expertise extends to complete acoustic engineered exhaust systems with insulated pipes and primary and secondary silencers for mobile mining equipment. For stationary engine applications, we have a wide range of exhaust silencers with reductions from 15 dBA through to 60 dBA for stringent noise control. We compliment our sound suppression mufflers and silencers with the engineering and fabrication of an extensive range of acoustic louvers, panels and noise deafening products for outstanding noise reduction. Best of all, Aletek makes it and cost effective for you.

  • Onsite support and installation including complete before and after noise modelling recommendations
  • Guaranteed sound reductions and performance of products
  • Engineered and manufactured in Australia for unsurpassed reliability and quality
  • Expertise with mobile and stationary applications
  • Comprehensive 3D parts drawings with technical information
Direct Fit Replacement Sound Suppression Mufflers

Aletek makes it easy with our range of direct fit replacement sound suppression mufflers to replace the standard OEM mufflers - no modifications required. These sound suppression mufflers alone will reduce sound power levels by 2-3 dBA. Direct fit replacement acoustic insulated pipes are also available to further reduce your equipment's sound output by another 1-3 dBA.

Super Extreme Silencer Kits

If you need superior noise reduction, Aletek has a range of stationary exhaust silencer packages ranging from 15dBA through to 60dBA. These silencers are available in mild steel, aluminized and stainless steel and can be certified for explosion proofing or spark arresting.