Sound Suppression Exhausts for Komatsu Mining Machines

Aletek sound suppression exhaust systems are ideal for mining operations with stringent noise limitations. We can help improve your Komatsu fleet and reduce your noise footprint to achieve compliance within required noise thresholds.

Strategic Benefits
  • Our modular approach enables staged attenuation
  • Multi-staging provides better weight distribution and superior noise suppression with optimal backpressure
  • Direct-fit replacement sound suppression mufflers with OEM compatibility
  • Qualified in-house acoustic engineer (one of a handful in Australia)

Our solution for Komatsu 830E trucks has revolutionised the traditional sound suppression approach. Our point of difference – a multi-staged approach to sound suppression, detailed sound pressure level and sound intensity level testing, and excellence in acoustic engineering thanks to our in-house expertise. The end result is dramatically improved TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and noise reductions unheard off in this style of sound suppression application.

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Aletek Sound Suppression for Komatsu 830E

 Aletek Komatsu 830E dual-stage exhaust - sound suppression

Aletek embarked on an 18-month journey to reduce the noise output of mining equipment without the traditional sound package approach. When it comes to sound suppression, our vision was to revolutionise the traditional ‘box everything up’ approach and instead focus strategically on the dominant noise sources through a proactive and multi-staged attenuation approach.

A Hunter Valley client engaged us to provide a sound suppression package that was cost-effective, compliant with noise regulations, improved payload capacity and maintenance access.

Our team was confident that we could achieve sound power compliance for the complete operational cycle of the truck (uphill, downhill and stationery) by optimal attenuation of the two most dominant noise sources on a Komatsu 830E (exhaust and grid box). We achieved this via a dual-stage rear exhaust system and a bolt-on/bolt-off attenuation system for the grid box.

Aletek Komatsu 830E sound power test results

Substantial benefits were provided by removing radiator attenuators and engine enclosures such as improved payload capacity and front axle loadings. Engine bay visibility and maintenance access were also improved.

Let us help you improve your haul truck’s payload, reduce front axle loading, and remove traditional engine panels and attenuators. Arrange a consultation with our team for a walkthrough on our 830E case study and full test report data. 


Multi-Stage Attenuation for Komatsu Machines

We can help your mining machines achieve superior sound suppression results with fewer components backed by proven methodology. Aletek provides complete services from consultation and acoustic modelling to engineering and 3D design, backed by manufacturing and assistance with fitment and sound testing. Solutions we’ve created to suit Komatsu mine trucks include:

  • 830E haul truck – 3 x attenuation stages available
  • 930E-4 truck – suppression exhaust system

To learn more about the Aletek Advantage for your fleet, set up an appointment with us to discuss your suppression and attenuation requirements.

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