Sound suppression problems? We're here to help

When it comes to sound suppression for your fleet, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Do any of these problems sound familiar to you:

  • Your sound suppression system isn’t compliant?
  • Difficult to access the engine bay area?
  • Can’t access the engine due to pipes being in the way?
  • Underbelly guards and engine doors fall off?
  • Trucks are heavy with a bulky attenuator and fan?
If you’ve experienced any of these issues, then we’re here to help. We offer a different approach with staged attenuation that you can implement in stages.


With fewer bulky suppression add-ons, your trucks can benefit from increased payloads, and you’ll save on your upfront sound investment also. Remember, when it comes to sound, not one size fits all.

Staged Attenuation – lower upfront cost and increased payloads

We offer staged design and a structured method to implement noise attenuation via a multi-staged methodology. Rather than the 'one size fits all' mindset, our modular approach provides a point-of-difference allowing our clients to utilise staged attenuation for haul trucks and mobile mining equipment. This often translates into weight and cost-saving benefits.

Our product range includes custom-designed sound suppression exhaust packages with noise attenuation kits for mechanical components for subsequent stages. Key features of these stages are as follows:

  • Multi-staged attenuation packages
    • Option to pay for and implement products/stages as required
    • Our modular approach enables staged attenuation and cost savings
    • Multi-staging improves weight distribution with superior sound suppression and optimal backpressure
    • Turnkey solutions custom-designed to suit your requirements

830E multi-stage insights


Exhaust systems and silencers

Aletek sound - detail dual-stage sound suppression

  • Direct-fit OEM replacement solutions
  • Exhaust systems – single and dual-stage systems
  • Exhaust silencers – machine-specific solutions
  • Dual-walled pipes – thermal (MDG 15 compliance) and acoustic-lined options

Noise attenuation solutions

Aletek sound - detail acoustic foam panel refurbishment

  • Grid box and radiator attenuators
  • Acoustic panels - engine bay doors, underbelly, enclosures for drivetrains and transmission
  • Acoustic engine/transmission enclosures and radiator fans
  • Acoustic foam refurbishment (Hunter Valley region)


Sound Suppression to suit major OEMs

What do Cat, Komatsu and Liebherr have in common? The answer, Aletek has created super silent, sound suppression packages for these brands.

  • Sound solutions for Caterpillar (non XQ and XQ), Komatsu and Liebherr
  • Trucks, tow hauls, water carts, dozers and excavators
  • Book a discovery session with us to learn more.

We welcome your sound challenges. Noisy trucks or diggers? We can help you achieve your sound goals and onsite compliance targets.

Sound Advice and Strategies

Our sound suppression exhaust systems are cost-effective and backed by Aletek's unique know-how, including:

  • Development of noise-control strategies
  • Onsite support and installation
  • Detailed before and after sound testing, including Sound Power Testing and sound intensity testing
  • Engineered and manufactured in Australia for unrivalled reliability
  • Consulting and acoustic engineering via our qualified, in-house specialist
  • Comprehensive 3D parts drawings and technical information are available on request

Sound problems? We hear you. Contact us for a professional consultation to improve your payloads, engine accessibility, and engine air-flows for a lower upfront cost.

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