Thermal Insulation Blankets

Aletek is a leading Australian manufacturer of thermal insulation blankets for mining exhaust and engine pipes. We’re committed to ensuring the safety of your investment in people and plant equipment. Reducing the surface temperature of exhaust and engine parts helps mitigate the risk of burns and engine fires.

Aletek provides engine-specific thermal blankets for manifolds, turbos, exhaust pipes and mufflers. If you have a custom machine, we can design a solution specifically for your equipment.

We use only the highest quality silica insulation in our blankets in place of E-glass, thereby eliminating the irritation and itching that is common to competitor's E-glass based products. We've also replaced clumsy straps and time-consuming wires with quick-fitting springs – to ensure the perfect tension and parts that won't come loose over time.

Sprung Lobster-Back Design

  • Snug-fit for easier installation
  • Reduced fitting time
  • Non-itch silica material
  • Comprehensive parts drawings with fitment order

Installation and Fitment

  • Our products are custom manufactured for each application
  • Access points to key engine components to allow regular maintenance (e.g. oil/fuel lines and inspection points made accessible)
  • Due to its flexible and snug-fit nature, our products can be installed quickly and to a very high standard (aluminium and foil products are difficult to install due to their rigid structure)
  • Aletek guarantees no 'hot spots' within our products ensuring minimal opportunity for oil/liquid ingress through gaps between components and joins (common practice is to thermal image the entire system on commissioning to ensure compliance)

Aletek can supply you with the solution you need to minimise risk and increase safety on your mine site. We manufacture thermal blankets for popular equipment including:


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