Thermal Blankets for Hitachi Engine Pipes

Aletek thermal insulation blankets are integral for effective fire mitigation in engine bays on Hitachi mining machinery. Install thermal blankets on heat-generating components such as turbos, manifolds, engine pipes, mufflers and tailpipes to provide a barrier that lowers the outer surface temperature. This barrier will reduce the risk of fire and potential ignition as well as protecting workers from burns.

Strategic Benefits
  • Reduce the risk of expensive engine fires and shutdowns
  • Essential for your ongoing fire moderation strategy
  • Decreased outer surface temperatures for key engine components
  • Faster install times, easier fitment, superior design
  • Ongoing improvements for the ultimate thermal blanket design

We manufacture our blankets from premium materials that we source from high-grade suppliers. Our products are significantly faster to install thanks to pre-fitted springs and our comprehensive blankets fitting guide. Ask us more about the Aletek Advantage for your Hitachi mobile fleet.

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Blankets for Hitachi Engine Pipes, Turbos & Manifolds

Aletek Hitachi blanket solutions engine pipes turbos and manifolds 

Our purpose-built designs incorporate features such as access to critical components, wastegate covers, and sewn collars for inter-part connections. Aletek blankets are snug-fit with unparalleled quality.

Blankets for Hitachi Mufflers & Tailpipes

Aletek Hitachi blanket solutions mufflers and tailpipes 

Protection and heat reduction for mufflers and tailpipes is vital for ongoing fire mitigation. We engineer our blankets to excel in these demanding applications with innovative design features.


Tailor-Made Blankets to suit Hitachi Machines

Engine fires pose a considerable threat to mobile mining fleets. Take, for example, a burst hose burst that leaks fuel, coolant, or oil that then contacts a hot surface such as the exhaust manifold, turbos, or engine pipes. Thermal blankets are a control measure to reduce the surface temperature of red-hot components to reduce the risk of fire ignition. Our range of thermal blankets for Hitachi machines includes:

  • Excavators: EX2500-6, EX2600-6, EX5500-6, EX5600-6
  • Haul Trucks: EH3500AC-3, EH5000AC-3
  • Wheel Loaders: ZW120
  • Ask us about our other Hitachi blanket solutions
  • See our direct-fit exhausts for Hitachi

Partner with us for the ultimate fire mitigation strategy to keep your fleet compliant and hard at work in the pit.

Onsite Services, Fleet Auditing and Reporting

Our team is here to support your mobile maintenance crew with a range of services including:

  • Optional blanket installation by our site fitters
  • Training, education and fire management tactics
  • Thermal auditing (comply with MDG 15 standards in NSW)
  • In-depth fleet condition reporting with detailed recommendations

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