Thermal Blankets for Komatsu Engine Components

Our team takes great care to ensure the perfect fit, perfect tension and well you guessed it, perfect results! This attention to detail and glove-like fit go above and beyond to ensure the surface temperature of exhaust parts is reduced to help minimise the risk of burns and engine fires. Experience the Aletek Advantage for your Komatsu fleet.

Strategic Benefits
  • Thermal blankets are essential for fire mitigation
  • Reduced surface temperature of exhaust and key engine parts
  • Minimise the risk of burns and costly engine fires
  • Protect your investment in people and plant equipment
  • Reduced fitting time and perfect tension via quick-fit springs

Aletek thermal insulation blankets are custom manufactured for each application by our design team and fabricated in-house for end-to-end quality control. We use non-itch silica material, and supply our kits with parts lists and comprehensive fitment instructions.

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Blankets for Komatsu Engine Pipes, Turbos & Manifolds

Aletek Komatsu blanket solutions pipes manifolds turbos

Aletek blankets are custom designed to suit Komatsu exhaust pipes and heat-critical engine components. Our trademark glove-like fit provides a snug fit with minimal joins for fluid ingress.

Aletek Blankets for Komatsu Mufflers & Tailpipes

Aletek Komatsu blanket solutions mufflers

As mufflers and tailpipes generate significant heat, thermal blankets are a logical choice to control these potential ignition sources. Our designers and production team are skilled at creating bespoke solutions for Komatsu trucks, dozers and diggers.


Tailor-Made Blankets to suit Komatsu Machines

Fires on mobile assets can cause significant production downtime, spikes in insurance premiums, fines, post-incident inquiries, scrutiny and reporting hassles. That's just a few of the consequences. Above all, the risk to people's safety onsite is huge! Aletek's thermal blankets are one control measure to help mitigate this risk by reducing the surface temperature of exhaust pipes and critical heat-generating components. Some of our solutions to suit Komatsu mining machinery includes:

  • Dozers: D475A-5
  • Excavators: PC850-8, PC1250-8, PC3000-6, PC4000-6, PC5500-6, PC8000-6
  • Haul Trucks: 730E, 830E, 930E-2, 930E-3, 930E-4
  • Wheel Dozers: WD900-3
  • Wheel Loaders: WA200PZ-6, WA380-6, WA800-3, WA900-3
  • Ask us about our other Komatsu blanket solutions
  • See our direct-fit exhausts for Komatsu

It is obvious why so much time and money is invested in mitigating the risk of engine fires.

Site Services and Condition Reports

Partner with Aletek as part of your ongoing fire mitigation strategy. In addition to our premium range of thermal blankets, we back our products with essential onsite services.

  • Our team can assist with fitment of blankets and training
  • Condition reports for mobile fleets to identify issues and risks
  • Thermography services to assist with MDG 15 compliance (NSW)

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