Thermal Blankets to suit Caterpillar Engine Pipes

Don't compromise the integrity of your fleet by using sub-standard or inferior thermal insulation blankets (lagging). High-quality thermal blankets reduce the surface temperature of engine components to reduce the risk of fire. Mobile mining machines like Cat trucks, dozers, excavators, graders and loaders are made safer with Aletek blankets and the risk of burns and engine fires mitigated.

Strategic Benefits

• Essential for fire mitigation on Cat mobile mining equipment
• Worker safety for protection of your investment in people
• Direct-fit, blankets tailor-made from 3D scans to suit each Cat machine
• Quick-fit springs pre-installed for significant savings on install time
• Reduced engine fires, site shutdowns and insurance premiums

Reduced fitting times, tailor-made designs, and perfect tension via quick-fit springs are part of what we like to call the Aletek Advantage. It's a part of our ongoing commitment to excellence to give your fleet the upper hand, and it's available to you now.

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Aletek Blankets for Cat Engine Pipes & Junctions

Our lobster-back design uses less blanket pieces to eliminate fitment error and reduce overall fitting times. Caterpillar pipework and junctions are made safer with Aletek thermal blankets.

Aletek Blankets for Cat Turbos

Aletek turbo shells are designed meticulously for Caterpillar turbos with convenience in mind. Sewn collars protect turbo to engine pipe connections from hot spots, and a wastegate cover eliminates heat transfer.

Aletek Blankets for Cat Manifolds

Thermal blankets for Caterpillar engine manifolds provide heat insulation and reduced external surface temperatures. A manifold to turbo collar removes a potential ignition source by eliminating gaps between blankets.

Aletek Blankets for Cat Mufflers & Tailpipes

Aletek is skilled at creating bespoke blankets to suit Caterpillar exhaust mufflers and tailpipes. Our fish scale design ensures all thermal blanket pieces overlap so liquids/fluid/debris can run off without flowing into the layer below.


Tailor-Made Blankets to suit Caterpillar Machines

Aletek manufactures a complete line-up of thermal blankets for critical engine components and pipework. Some of the standard lagging upgrades we provide for Cat mobile mining equipment includes:

  • Dozers: D10T, D11R, D11T
  • Excavators: 349D, 6040, 6060
  • Motor Graders: 16M, 24M
  • Trucks: 785B, 785C, 785D, 785G, 789B, 789C, 793C, 793D, 793F, 797B, 797F, XQ blanket solutions
  • Wheel Dozers: 854K
  • Wheel Loaders: 930H, 980H, 992G, 992K
  • More Cat blanket solutions available, custom projects on request
  • See our direct-fit exhausts for Cat

It's our attention to detail that provides the perfect fit and makes Aletek thermal insulation blankets the perfect choice for applications that demand lagging perfection such as turbos, manifolds and other intricate engine parts. For reduced fitting times, a super-snug fit, and unrivalled quality talk to the team at Aletek for your next engine lagging project.

Onsite Services and Fleet Auditing

Aletek provides a complete range of onsite services to complement our thermal blanket range. These services include:

  • Optional onsite blanket installation services
  • Fleet site audit reports for engine bay and exhausts
  • Thermal compliance audits (ideal for NSW MDG 15 standard)
  • Ask us about blanket fitment training for your maintenance crews

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