Alongside the saving costs in upgrading your MT65 to have an Aletek DPF installed, there are many more reasons to consider.

Aletek DPFs trap more than 99% of DPM produced by diesel engines with a direct-fit replacement DPF tailor-made for the MT65. You will create a safer work environment with the Aletek filter which removes nano diesel particulate matter (nDPM) which pose significant health risks to workers.

With an Aletek DPF, it extends the service life which results in a 30-49% reduction for the total cost of ownership. The regenerative catalyst coating features the latest technology for ultimate operational performance which reduces TCO and downtime.

Aletek DPF Benefits

  • The design is in-line replacement and integration with existing exhaust systems which makes for an easy installation
  • The data logger records backpressure, exhaust gas temperature and engine RPM
  • The tailor-made rock cover included will protect your equipment investment

In Part 4, we sum up all the benefits of the Aletek Direct-fit DPF for your MT65 truck.

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