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Lagging for Hitachi turbos, manifolds & exhaust pipes

  • Uphold safety regulations while reducing asset fire risk
  • Lower surface temperatures below combustion ratings
  • Quick to fit and uninstall on Hitachi exhaust systems
  • An essential safety measure for engine bay workers
  • Snug-fitting solution for Hitachi equipment
  • Shield Hitachi exhaust components from threats (eg. grease traps and electrical cables)

Our top priority is keeping your team members safe. This is why we offer the highest quality thermal blankets for shielding exhaust and engine components. Using Aletek thermal lagging solutions, you can prevent engine-related fires in your Hitachi machines.

Aletek thermal blanket benefits

  • Mitigate engine fire hazards for Hitachi assets
  • Keep workers safe and prevent harm from burning
  • Cooler surfaces allow faster entry into engine compartments
  • Crafted with uncompromising materials in Australian
  • Avoid engine blazes, site shutdowns, and insurance premium increases

Innovative blankets designed to suit Hitachi assets

Aletek blankets equip fleets with unparalleled safety. We provide your workers and machines with fire mitigation through our thermal blankets. Our products are snug-fit and deliver fire resistance through the following features:

  • Blankets reduce surface temperatures below ignition points
  • Our designs limit intrusion by objects and flammable liquids
  • Installing lagging is simple with our quick-fit spring system
  • Ditch the e-glass itch with our snug-fitting, non-itch product

Using Aletek thermal lagging reduces heat discharge from scorching engine parts. Your Hitachi exhaust systems will benefit from our signature hand-in-glove fit.

Showcase of blankets by asset type

Our insulation blankets can be installed on Hitachi dump trucks, excavators and loading shovels, including:

  • Excavators: ZX2250, ZX490, ZX690 and ZX870.
  • Large excavators EX1200 series, EX1900, EX2500, EX2600, EX3600 series, EX5500, EX5600 and EX8000.
  • Haul Trucks: EH3500 series, EH4000 & AC series and EH5000 & AC series
  • Wheel Loaders: ZW120 package and custom solutions on request

Technical support for your crew

We can assist your crew with product support, fitting assistance, and on-site training at your location. Additionally, we can conduct fleet audits and report on the condition of Hitachi assets’ exhaust pipes and blankets.

Engine-specific Solutions

Blanket packages to suit Hitachi

Choose blanket kits for each machine type that align with your fire mitigation strategy. For Hitachi excavators, you could specify blankets for the manifold, turbos, exhaust pipes, and firewall. Our blankets protect newly purchased equipment, overhaul engines, and replace worn blankets.

Turbo & junction blankets

Cover turbos and junctions to reduce pipe and component heat below fuel-ignition temperatures. Fuel leaks are more likely to cause fires if hot exhaust parts are not covered. Aletek blankets are easy to secure in place and remove, thanks to quick-fit springs.

Manifold blankets

Manifolds are sources of considerable thermal energy. With Aletek’s purpose-engineered blankets, you can cool hot parts below flashpoint ratings. The fit and coverage of manifold blankets must be adequate when installing manifold covers.

Exhaust pipe blankets

Shield engine and exhaust pipes from fire hazards by adding thermal blankets. Engine pipes must be covered with blankets, so they do not come into contact with high-voltage lines. An added risk is associated with power cables for trucks with electric drives, such as the Hitachi EH5000AC-3.

Muffler & tailpipe blankets

Dozers with cramped engine bays can benefit from muffler and tailpipe blankets for comprehensive fire shielding. Consider adding thermal blankets to reduce heat emissions from mufflers if they cause emissive heat issues that affect nearby components such as driver’s cabs or grease traps.


For optimal fire mitigation, you should install Aletek blankets on your Hitachi excavators. Thermal blanket solutions are available for excavators, such as the ZX490, to supersized excavators, such as the EX8000. We make the exceptional fire barrier systems with our comfortable fit blankets and outstanding Australian production.

Haul Trucks

We provide bespoke blanket solutions for Hitachi assets such as the EH4000 and EH5000. Aletek blankets can shield heat-generating parts such as turbos, manifolds, and engine pipes. We refine our products through continuous improvement and client input.

Wheel Loaders

Thermal lagging solutions are available for Hitachi wheel loaders such as the ZW120. Keeping your loader’s turbo, manifold, engine pipes, and muffler protected with our blanket kits is essential. Contact us if you need custom designs for other Hitachi equipment.

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