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Hitachi OEM compatible exhaust upgrades

  • Improve productivity for Hitachi and decrease downtime
  • Reduce the life of ownership costs and improve ROI
  • Improve exhaust performance for your Hitachi assets
  • Upgrades that are robust and reliable
  • Interchangeable Aletek parts with Hitachi exhaust parts
  • Managed inventory options for Hitachi assets on request

Your Hitachi mining assets can benefit from Aletek exhaust systems. We offer improved exhaust systems by eliminating OEM stress zones and extending exhaust lifecycles. Our purpose-built exhausts enhance productivity on Hitachi excavators and dump trucks.

Strategic benefits of upgraded Hitachi mining exhausts

  • Save a conservative 30% on ownership costs
  • Exhaust pipes are compatible with OEM, no welding needed
  • Pipe ends protected from cracking with solid machined flanges
  • Designed and fabricated in Australia

Our team is committed to helping your crew minimise equipment downtime. Your maintenance team will find Hitachi exhaust installation easier thanks to our engineering and manufacturing expertise. Our direct-fit replacement guarantee ensures that our exhaust upgrades will integrate with Hitachi OEM exhaust setups.

Hitachi OEM compatible exhaust components

You can swap Hitachi OEM exhaust components with Aletek exhaust pipes and parts. Your maintenance crew can then choose a supplier based on your needs and have a backup in case of a component shortage. In addition to saving money on your initial purchase, you can upgrade your assets with premium Aletek parts. As well as exhaust pipes and bellows, we offer mufflers, tailpipes, installation hardware, and accessories compatible with Hitachi engine setups.

Custom dual-wall exhausts to suit Hitachi

We can create custom dual-wall exhausts for your Hitachi mining equipment to resolve specific problems. Dual wall exhausts can reduce fire risks, increase durability, and streamline servicing (no engine pipe blanket maintenance).

Featured Hitachi exhaust upgrades

Aletek exhausts can improve your fleet’s production, longevity, and efficiency. The following are some of the solutions we offer.

  • Hitachi Mining Excavators: EX1900-6, EX2500-5, EX2500-6, EX2600-6, EX3600-6, EX5500-5, EX5500-6, EX5600-6 and EX8000-6
  • Hitachi Dump Trucks: EH3500AC-2, EH3500AC-3 and EH5000AC-3

Our custom-built exhaust upgrades for Hitachi haul trucks are backed by our product expertise and quality Australian fabrication. On engine pipe ends, solid machine flanges prevent early component failure. We also offer heavy-duty mufflers and durable pipes for Hitachi excavators, like the EX5500-5.

OEM Swappable

Exhaust components for Hitachi

Choosing the highest quality Hitachi exhaust parts makes sense when you need to replace them. Aletek’s reputation as a maker of highly reliable exhaust parts is well-deserved. Our top-shelf fabrication, Australian manufacturing, and product durability are proven. Put us to the test with your exhaust challenges.

Exhaust pipes for Hitachi

Flanged pipe ends make it easier to connect sections together for both straight and elbowed pipes. We produce pipes from premium 2mm reinforced steel. Airflow badges indicate the direction of airflow and assist with correct installation. In dual-wall exhaust systems, vent ports are strategically positioned to prevent inner wall failure.

Muffler systems for Hitachi

We fabricate our mufflers from 3mm steel with a powder-coated finish to prevent rusting and wear. When possible, we use strengthened mounting plates to anchor exhaust products. Airflow direction is shown on our branded badges. Our mufflers are renowned for their durability in challenging mining operations.

Hardware, U-bolts and parts for Hitachi

Our inventory includes exhaust hardware to support our Hitachi-compatible exhaust systems. In addition to gaskets and U-bolts, we stock components for exhaust replacement and installation. Besides bolts, washers, and nuts, we also carry hex bolts.

Hitachi Mining Excavators

Aletek exhaust parts and packages can increase the productivity of Hitachi excavators. We manufacture improved OEM exhaust systems like our EX5500-5 upgrade. Ask us about our custom dual-wall systems and noise attenuation packages for Hitachi excavators.

Hitachi Dump Trucks

The exhaust upgrades we create for Hitachi dump trucks are second to none. For assets such as the EH4000AC-2, we can make sound suppression and exhaust silencers. You may also consider thermal lagging options to protect your turbo, manifold, and exhaust systems from fire.

Hitachi Wheel Loaders

If you need custom exhaust systems for your Hitachi wheel loaders, our team may be able to help. We focus on solving issues for Hitachi wheel loader fleets rather than providing one-off solutions. Our specialty is providing purpose-built exhaust systems, DPF upgrades, and thermal insulation blankets.

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