DPF installation assistance and tech support

DPF monitoring and data management

Emissions and onsite testing

DPF cleaning and lifecycle management

Unrivalled DPF Upgrades

OEM DPF Upgrades for Mining

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) are often perceived as a hassle but don’t have to be. With over eight years of experience in the DPF field, we understand every aspect of performance. Using industry-leading filters, our underground mining DPFs prevent low power and minimise backpressure issues whilst mitigating mining diesel emissions. They’re durable and housed in a heavy-duty casing. Plus, our mining exhaust filters integrate seamlessly with OEM exhaust configurations for direct-fit installation.

Aletek DPF upgrades can improve mining operations:

  • Cleaner air for underground mining crews (>99% DPM reduction)
  • Less downtime by enhancing DPF efficiency and exhaust performance
  • Extend operational service life and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Technical Expertise

Underground DPF Maintenance & Services

We believe maintenance crews should adopt a proactive approach to DPF servicing to control diesel particulate matter in underground mines. Extend your DPF lifecycles through informed maintenance practices.

Preserving DPF efficiency requires the following mindsets:

  • Maintain peak DPF performance with proactive assessment
  • Exhaust Backpressure Monitoring (EBM) improves operational efficiencies
  • Partner with us for tech support, in-field testing, and cleaning services
Underground Strategy Insights

DPM Compliance & Worker Safety

DPM and diesel emissions exposure in mines pose a serious threat to worker safety. Mitigating DPM, regularly testing, and implementing emission control strategies are absolutely necessary.


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