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Lagging for Komatsu turbos, manifolds & exhaust pipes

  • Comply with safety standards and mitigate fires
  • Keep Komatsu exhaust surface temperatures below fuel ignition points
  • Protect maintenance crews from extreme burns
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Designed to fit Komatsu mining machines like a glove
  • Shield Komatsu heat-sensitive components (eg. high-voltage lines)

The safety of your workers is our primary objective, so let us help you shield your hot parts to avoid engine fires. Thermal insulation blankets can help avert fires in your Komatsu exhaust and engine components.

Aletek blanket advantages

  • Reduce the risk of engine fires on Komatsu mining equipment
  • Safeguard your team from burn injuries and fire
  • Faster cool-downs to access engine bays earlier
  • Australia-made quality and artisanship
  • Prevent engine fires, site closures, and insurance premium blowouts

Blankets crafted specifically for Komatsu machines

It is impossible to beat the protection provided by Aletek blankets for fleets. Our thermal lagging allows us to provide fire protection for crews and assets. Among the features of our products that ensure a snug fit and effective fire mitigation are:

  • Blankets decrease external component heat below fuel combustion thresholds
  • Prevent the influx of contaminants and flammable liquids with our lobster-back profile
  • Our spring system makes it easier to install blankets
  • A comfortable fit without the itchy feeling of e-glass

Aletek blankets reduce exhaust and component heat emissions in your engine bay. The final handshake for your Komatsu is our signature glove-like fit.

Machine-specific blanket highlights

We offer thermal lagging for Komatsu excavators, haul trucks, and wheeled loaders, including:

  • Dozers: D155AX-6, D375A-6 and D475A-5
  • Excavators: PC220-8, PC240LC-11, PC850-8 up to PC1250-8. Large excavators PC3000-6, PC4000-6, PC5500-6, PC7000-6 and PC8000-6.
  • Haul Trucks: HD605-8, HD785 series and HD1500-7 trucks. Ultra class 830E (QSK & MTU), Komatsu 930E and 960E.
  • Wheel Loaders: WA200 series, WA470-8, WA480-6, WA500-8, WA700-3, WA900L-3 and WA1200 series

Resources and assistance for your team

Aletek provides installation support, technical assistance and training options. Additional services include on-site examinations of Komatsu exhausts and thermal lagging integrity.

Tailored Blanket Bundles

Blanket options for Komatsu

Plan your fire prevention plan based on asset groups and choose blanket kits accordingly. For Komatsu dozers, you might designate manifold, turbo, exhaust pipe, and muffler lagging. Our blankets cover new assets, rebuilds, and damaged sections.

Komatsu turbo & junction blankets

A crucial protective measure is lagging turbos and junctions to lower surface temperatures below fuel ignition ratings. Unlagged components are more likely to catch fire if fuel leaks occur. Quick-fit springs make installing and removal of Aletek blankets a breeze.

Komatsu manifold lagging blankets

Manifolds generate and emit substantial heat. Installers must achieve a comfortable fit and sufficient coverage when installing manifold coverings. You can lower surface temperatures below flammable temperatures with our impregnable, four-layered blankets.

Komatsu exhaust pipe blankets

Put engine pipe blankets in place to protect against engine-related fires. Additional fire risks are associated with partial-electric trucks such as the Komatsu 830E-AC. Lagging pipes near high-voltage cables will help prevent a catastrophe. For extra reassurance, add blankets to junctions since they generate extreme heat.

Muffler & tailpipe blankets

Adding muffler and tailpipe blankets to Komatsu D375A and D475A dozers is a wise idea to protect engine bays. Our team explicitly craft Komatsu-compatible thermal blankets to suit each engine part. Muffler blankets can solve problems with radiant heat.

Lagging for Komatsu Dozers

We design our thermal lagging kits specifically to suit Komatsu dozers. An Aletek blanket kit shields extreme heat sources such as the turbo, manifold, engine pipes, and muffler. Fire protection products are available for models like D115AX and D475A.

Lagging for Komatsu Excavators

Your Komatsu excavators will be more fire-safe if you equip them with Aletek blankets. We have exhaust lagging solutions for smaller excavators like PC220 through to ultra-sized PC8000 models. Our snug-fit blankets, combined with top-notch Australian production, create the ultimate fire inhibitor.

Lagging for Komatsu Trucks & Ultra-Class

We specialise in creating world-class thermal lagging for Komatsu trucks and ultra-class assets. Our lagging for the 830E is highly regarded and includes OEM replacement, dual-wall, and sound suppression blanket kits. Aletek blankets protect exhaust pipes, turbos and manifolds. The feedback we receive from customers helps us refine our products.

Lagging for Komatsu Wheel Loaders

Aletek manufactures lagging products to suit Komatsu wheel loader exhaust configurations. Ensure that your loaders are shielded from the turbo to the tailpipe with our blanket kits. We supply blanket kits for the smaller WA200 all the way up to the monster WA1200.

The Aletek Advantage

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