Tailor-made Upgrades

Let us help you reduce downtime

We understand the importance of machine availability. Your KPIs suffer from unplanned downtime, early component failure, and restricted parts availability. As a result, Aletek has developed specialised OEM replacement products to resolve these problems.

Installation assistance

Expert technical support

Testing and reports

Exhaust-related fleet audits

Design criteria

  • Identify and incorporate our client’s asset-specific constraints
  • Maintenance-friendly design and easy access to serviceable parts
  • Asset-specific exhaust systems with simplified installation
  • Apply exhaust design criteria to suppression pipes (eg. reinforce stress zones, dual-wall upgrades, durability)
  • Option to upgrade to acoustic enclosures, fans, and attenuators to achieve exceptional attenuation
  • Maintain a local inventory of spare parts for clients

Material selection

When it comes to noise compliance, it’s critical to squeeze in every last drop of sound suppression and attenuation. As noise compliance is ruthless, we’re meticulous about material sourcing and strategic supplier partnerships.

  • Steel pipes & sheets – We build our mufflers and pipes with high-quality steel from a trusted Australian manufacturer. We source steel donuts for precise bends.
  • Acoustic-lined pipes – Perforations on the inner tube improve acoustics.
  • Thermal pipes – Our insulated dual-wall pipes feature a strategically selected central silica layer.
  • Exhaust parts – We procure quality parts such as V-band clamps and bellows.
  • Acoustic engine fans – Our specialist acoustic fan partner helps us achieve targeted noise reductions.
  • Acoustic panels & foam – We source best-in-class acoustic panels to reduce mechanical noise.


Product design

Sound suppression consultation

  • We alleviate clients’ frustration with noise attenuation
  • Noise control strategies and consultation (includes design criteria)
  • When possible, we reduce equipment weight and upfront costs

Design Team process

  • Front-end design – Onsite measurements, 3D scans, initial sound tests
  • Accessibility – Optimise maintenance and fire suppression access, asset goals
  • Design phase – Acoustic testing, acoustic modelling, engineering, CAD, 3D printing
  • Prototype process – Congruence between 3D scans, CAD, and fabricated pipe jigs
  • Prototype revisions – revisions after installation, re-engineering and CAD
  • Technical and category managers approve designs

Project management

  • Project scope and roadmap for noise targets and asset goals
  • Design coordination, baseline sound tests, acoustics, engineering, and CAD
  • Fabrication planning and sound package delivery
  • Prototype initial install, sound tests, revisions, re-install and sound tests
  • Fleet deployment, compliance, and ongoing sound tests

Sound suppression manufacturing

For consistent, high-quality fabrication, we use lean manufacturing and QA gates. Our modern workshop uses the latest welding tools.

  1. Raw materials collection from our warehouse
  2. We prepare for production with laser cutting, punching, and folding processes
  3. Processing includes laser-cut steel rolling, slicing tube pieces, shaping dual-wall insulation, and donut cutting for precise bends
  4. Welding preparation includes drilling, pressing, and expansion
  5. Pipe jigs and QA checks help streamline production
  6. Welding and pre-finishing cleanup commence
  7. Final quality assurance checks fabrication, welding, and assembly
  8. High-temperature powder coating applies our signature gunmetal finish
  9. Attenuators and acoustic enclosures follow a similar process. Our fabricators add acoustic panels to fabricated products to complete sound packages. We specify acoustic fans to align with asset requirements.

Continuous improvement loop

  • End-to-end project management
  • Reliable after-sales service and support
  • We resolve challenges and rectify installation issues
  • Root cause analysis rather than short-term fixes
  • Enhance product designs based on customer feedback



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