Tailor-made Upgrades

Let us help you reduce downtime

We understand the importance of machine availability. Your KPIs suffer from unplanned downtime, early component failure, and restricted parts availability. As a result, Aletek has developed specialised OEM replacement products to resolve these problems.

Installation assistance

Expert technical support

Testing and reports

Exhaust-related fleet audits

Design criteria

  • OEM replacement exhausts must be 100% compatible with a specific asset
  • OEM replacements should match existing exhaust paths and hardware
  • Fit-for-purpose, eg. dual-wall compliance with NSW MDG 15 for fire mitigation
  • Custom projects must fit within Aletek’s expertise and capabilities
  • Provide extended durability versus OEM for maximum ROI
  • Spare parts availability and in-stock commitment for key assets

Material selection

Strategic supplier partnerships are valuable to us because they ensure consistency of quality.

  • Steel plate & pipes – We exclusively use premium-grade steel sourced from a reputable Australian supplier.
  • Donut bends – Precise bends with fewer welds (compared to lobster back).
  • Silica insulation – Dual-wall exhausts have a premium central silica layer. This insulation provides exceptional heat dissipation up to 1700°C.
  • Surface finishing – High-temperature powder coating provides resistance to wear and corrosion.
  • Exhaust fittings – We source the finest parts like bellows, rubber elbows, clamps and installation hardware.

Product design

R&D improvements

  • FEA and CFD engineering analysis of OEM components
  • Establish OEM fatigue points through engineering analysis and client feedback
  • Define a detailed scope before design commences
  • Improve identified fatigue points in OEM pipes

Design Team process

  • Exhaust pipe designs are customised to suit each machine
  • Front-end design includes 3D scanning and site-based measurements
  • Product design with CAD and 3D printing options
  • We build physical pipe jigs to match OEM profiles
  • Prototype process ensures 3D scan, 3D CAD, and physical jig are identical
  • Designs approved by our Exhaust Technical Product Manager

Exhaust system manufacturing

We use lean manufacturing rather than relying on one boilermaker taking jobs from start to finish. We operate a fully equipped workshop using the latest welding tools. Our lean workflow eliminates quality inconsistencies and incorporates more QA points.

  1. Our team picks raw elements from the warehouse
  2. Preparation includes in-house laser cutting, punching, and folding
  3. Processing begins with rolling laser-cut material, cutting tube lengths, cutting dual-wall insulation patterns, and cutting donuts to specific angles
  4. Weld prep steps include drilling, pressing, and expanding
  5. Fabrication utilises pipe jigs and multiple QA checkpoints
  6. The final welding and cleanup process begins
  7. A final QA check ensures the fabrication, welds, and fit-out are correct
  8. We apply a high-temperature powder coat in our signature gunmetal grey

Continuous improvement loop

  • We implement design enhancements to address installation problems
  • We’re honest and rectify shortcomings for positive outcomes
  • Root cause analysis rather than quick fixes
  • Incorporate client feedback to refine product designs



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