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Dedicated point of contact for sites

With the help of our dedicated Business Development Managers, we can provide product support and installation assistance. We can assist you with fleet audits, thermal assessments, and custom measures through your dedicated point of contact. To make ordering exhaust parts easier, we provide site-specific parts catalogues. For more information, please see below.

Installing Aletek exhausts

Aletek offers a variety of resources to assist your maintenance crew with exhaust system installation. Our Exhaust Installation Guide and cheat sheets equip your team with essential techniques for a successful exhaust installation. In addition, our experienced product experts provide technical support. We offer installation assistance for custom exhaust upgrades such as dual-wall and sound suppression packages. For select mining regions like the Bowen Basin and Hunter Valley, on-site support and training packages may be available. For more information, contact your dedicated Business Development Manager.

Exhaust condition audits for fleets

Your fleet can benefit from our visual inspections of engine pipes, exhaust systems, and thermal blankets. Aletek recommends conducting an annual fleet audit report to assess the heat-critical components of engine and exhaust systems. With these reports, you’ll be able to inform your crew of items that require immediate attention to keep your fleet from damage by exhaust-related or engine fires.

We can assist with an exhaust condition assessment during engine and equipment rebuilds. Our team can identify and provide part numbers if exhaust parts need to be replaced during a rebuild. We will ensure that the required parts are provided promptly. The rebuild process is also an ideal time to consider introducing thermal blankets for fire safety.

Services such as thermal assessment may be available for troubleshooting heating issues and identifying non-compliance issues. For applications such as dual-wall exhaust and thermal blanket upgrades, Aletek may provide thermal imaging and temperature readings. Contact your dedicated point of contact to see if this service is available for your site.

Additional on-site exhaust services

Other on-site exhaust services are available from Aletek. Our services include measuring up and scanning for custom and specialised exhaust projects, including drill rig exhaust upgrades, dual-wall systems, and sound suppression.


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Maybe you want to upgrade your fleet to reduce downtime. We’ve got dedicated Business Development Managers to help you meet your onsite goals. Get in touch to learn more and ask about our site-specific parts catalogues.

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