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Komatsu compatible exhaust upgrades

  • Reduce Komatsu mining asset downtime and increase productivity
  • Boost your ROI by reducing your TCO
  • Komatsu exhaust upgrades that set the standard
  • Robust and durable systems
  • 100% Komatsu-compatible exhaust components
  • In-stock guarantee for select Komatsu machines

Aletek exhaust systems can enhance the performance of your Komatsu mining assets. We build our exhaust range to eliminate OEM stress zones and increase exhaust lifecycles. You can rely on us to improve the productivity of your Komatsu haul trucks.

Strategic advantages

  • An expected 30%+ reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • All pipes are OEM compatible and no on-site welding
  • Solid machined flanges prevent cracking on engine pipe ends
  • Australian-engineered and built
  • Maintained inventory for peace of mind

Optimising mining equipment and minimising downtime are some of our specialties. With our precise engineering and fabrication, your crew will enjoy peace of mind and convenient installation. We back our exhaust upgrades for Komatsu with a replacement guarantee to ensure compatibility.

Exhaust parts compatible with Komatsu

Aletek exhaust parts can be interchanged with Komatsu exhaust parts. This gives you added flexibility when choosing a supplier and a backup in the event of parts shortages. Besides saving money upfront, you’ll also enjoy premium Aletek exhaust quality. Our products include Komatsu-compatible engine pipes, bellows, mufflers, tailpipes, clamps, brackets, and accessories.

Komatsu OEM compatible dual-wall exhausts

An exhaust system with dual walls can solve a variety of problems. Fire risks can be reduced, durability can be extended, and maintenance can be simplified.

Showcase of Komatsu exhaust solutions

Komatsu assets can be made more productive, durable, and efficient by upgrading to Aletek exhausts. Below we have listed some of our solutions.

  • Excavators: PC3000-6 and PC4000
  • Haul Trucks: 830E (QSK & MTU), 930E and 960E. HD series, including HD785 and HD1500 trucks.

Ultra class mining assets such as the Komatsu 830E perform under challenging conditions. Discover how Aletek mining exhaust upgrades last for six years in our case study below!

Swap with OEM

Exhaust components for Komatsu

When changing Komatsu exhaust parts, upgrade to premium parts for long-term performance. Aletek manufactures premium exhaust upgrades that enhance OEM designs. Quality Australian fabrication and in-house design are key to our product designs. If you have an exhaust problem, we’re here to help.

Exhaust Pipes for Komatsu

Several types of exhaust pipes with flanged ends are available, including straight pipes and elbows. In the pipe construction process, we use 2mm reinforced steel. Our logo badges point in the direction of airflow to facilitate installation. In dual-wall pipes, vent ports are strategically placed to protect the inner wall.

Mufflers & Tailpipes for Komatsu

To protect against corrosion and abrasion, our mufflers are constructed with 3mm steel and powder coated for high-temperature applications. A logo badge indicates the direction of airflow. Our brackets and mounting plates are reinforced for strength.

Aletek Pipe Bellows

Aletek carries V-band clamps and hardware for installation to support our Komatsu-compatible exhaust systems. As well as exhaust components and full exhaust kits, we also carry general components, gaskets and straps.

Clamps & Install Hardware

Aletek air intake upgrades replace the OEM system between the air filter box and the turbo. 830E and 930E upgrades are part of our bespoke solutions. We provide heavy-duty clamps for all intake connections. In our systems, dust is less likely to enter turbos or engines.

Komatsu Excavators

With Aletek exhaust components and kits, you can increase the productivity of your Komatsu mining excavators. We offer OEM exhaust systems such as a PC3000-6 upgrade. There is also the option of custom designs, like our PC4000 exhaust silencer package.

Komatsu Haul Trucks

Providing Komatsu haul truck exhaust upgrades is what we do best. We offer OEM replacement exhausts, dual-wall upgrades and sound suppression solutions for the Komatsu 830E and 930E. In addition, we provide exhaust upgrades for smaller trucks like the HD785 and HD1500.

Aletek advantage

Our Commitment

As engineers and fabricators, we take our jobs seriously. Design team members are acoustics, research and development, and 3D design experts. Matching OEM exhaust paths is ensured by the use of pipe jigs.


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