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Exhaust parts swappable with OEM

  • Enhance productivity and reduce downtime
  • Save on Total Cost of Ownership
  • Class-leading exhaust upgrades
  • Proven durability and strength
  • 100% compatible OEM replacement exhausts
  • In-stock commitment for key assets

Investing in Aletek OEM exhaust upgrades is a down payment for onsite productivity. You can reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with our purpose-built exhaust packages. We deliver measurable value to mining operations with OEM compatibility and enhanced lifecycles.

The definition of OEM replacement exhausts

OEM exhaust replacement systems should have the following characteristics:

  • Exhausts must suit a specific asset type and model
  • Replicate the OEM exhaust path without modifications
  • Compatible with OEM engines and bolt onto turbo outlets
  • V-band clamps and hardware should match existing OEM exhaust parts

What makes our OEM exhaust upgrades better?

Combining specialised product offerings and unique insights allows us to create the perfect exhaust system. Aletek exhaust systems increase on-site productivity. Our OEM exhaust upgrades are available as complete systems or parts for direct installation on Cat®, Komatsu, Hitachi, Liebherr and Terex assets.

Invest in the productivity of your fleet

Mining operations, fleet performance, and maintenance have the same goal: productivity. A haul truck, dozer, or excavator’s exhaust system is subject to significant operational demands.

  • Reduced downtime and maintenance expenses through improved reliability
  • Proven operational durability
  • Commitment to keep essential asset parts in stock for less downtime
  • A strategic upgrade that reduces TCO by 30% (estimated)

OEM compatibility guaranteed

Aletek exhaust pipes and components are interchangeable with OEM parts. That means you can choose and interchange between our parts and OEM branded.

  • Interchange parts from Aletek with OEM exhaust setups
  • OEM integration without on-site welding
  • Pipe jigs used to replicate OEM exhaust paths
  • A reliable backup in the event of OEM parts shortages

Choosing Aletek OEM exhaust components gives you flexibility

With our OEM replacement exhausts, you can choose your supplier, have competitive pricing options and secure a backup in case of a parts shortage. Aletek improves OEM designs where possible for reliability, including:

  • Install Aletek components without modifications or custom hardware
  • Our solid machined flanges protect engine pipe ends from cracking
  • Vent ports are strategically located on dual-wall pipes to prevent inner wall failure
  • Upgraded OEM pipe bellows and custom bracket improvements

Aletek OEM exhaust systems are best in class

We design and manufacture OEM compatible exhaust systems that simplify maintenance crews’ jobs. Our in-house design team and precision fabrication create the perfect combination for superior exhaust systems.

  • 2mm reinforced steel construction and reinforced bracket hardware
  • Enhancements to the OEM design extend product durability
  • Exceptional Australian-made quality with lower upfront cost
  • Extend the product lifecycle of your assets
  • A commitment to R&D and ongoing product innovation underpin Aletek exhaust components

We offer class-leading exhaust upgrades to enhance fleet productivity and reduce your TCO. We offer superior OEM replacement exhausts that provide strategic advantages. To minimise downtime, we stock exhaust parts required for each region to align with fleet assets. Take your fleet to the next level with Aletek’s cutting-edge exhaust systems.

100% OEM Compatible

Exhaust parts & fittings

A reliable exhaust parts supplier for your fleet

A reliable supply of exhaust parts is crucial in preventing downtime. We are a preferred supplier of Australian-made exhaust parts due to our ability to deliver parts consistently, without delay. You can interchange our exhaust pipes with OEM pipes for maximum flexibility.


We have an in-stock commitment for select asset makes and models.

  • OEM muffler, exhaust pipe and tailpipe upgrades
  • Mounting brackets and plates
  • OEM exhaust bellow upgrades
  • Air intakes, rubber elbows, adapters and hoses

Our inventory includes universal components, V-Band clamps, straps, gaskets, and installation hardware.

Easy swapping with OEM exhaust components

Aletek exhaust pipes and components interchange with OEM parts.

  • Genuine OEM integration (no pipe welding on-site)
  • Jigs ensure pipes replicate OEM exhaust paths
  • Backup supplier to OEM

Superior designs with OEM enhancements

Our exhaust systems are designed and manufactured in-house and assure maintenance crews of a hassle-free installation process. Our commitment to quality is evident in our reinforced OEM fatigue zones and premium-grade steel used in our designs.

Australian-made exhausts

Being local means, we control raw material sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery. With our legendary Australian craftsmanship, you can’t go wrong.

The Aletek Advantage

Our Commitment

As engineers and fabricators, we take our jobs seriously. Design team members are acoustics, research and development, and 3D design experts. Matching OEM exhaust paths is ensured by the use of pipe jigs.


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