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Lagging for Liebherr turbos, manifolds & exhaust pipes

  • Comply with safety guidelines and minimise fire potential
  • Reduce surface heat below the combustion threshold
  • Easily installed and removed from Liebherr equipment
  • Make engine bays safer for maintenance crews
  • Fits Liebherr exhaust components like a glove
  • Maintain a protective layer around Liebherr heat sensitive parts (e.g. electrical lines)

Your team’s safety is our foremost concern. For this reason, we offer uncompromised thermal insulation blankets to cover components like engine pipes and turbos. We can help you mitigate Liebherr exhaust and engine fires with our thermal insulation products.

Advantages of Aletek lagging products

  • Protect Liebherr engines and exhausts from preventable fire risks
  • Avoid severe burns and improve worker safety
  • Cooler temperatures enable access to engine bays sooner
  • Australian-made with superior materials
  • Prevent engine fires, site closures, and insurance premium blowouts

Protective blankets for Liebherr machines

Aletek blankets equip fleets with unparalleled safety. We provide your workers and machines with fire mitigation through our thermal blankets. Our products are snug-fit and deliver fire resistance through the following features:

  • Reduce heat emissions below the fuel flashpoint with blankets
  • Aletek blankets prevent debris and flammable fluid encroachment
  • Quick-fit springs make it easy to install thermal blankets
  • Our snug-fit, non-itch blankets eliminate itchiness caused by e-glass

Thermal blankets from Aletek reduce the surface temperature of superheated engine components. Our trademark glove-like fit will defend your Liebherr engine and exhaust parts.

Blankets designed for trucks and excavators

Liebherr haul trucks and excavators can be equipped with our insulation blankets, including:

  • Excavators: R 994, R 996, R 9350, R 9400 and R 9800
  • Haul Trucks: T 264, T 282 B and T 282 C

We’re here to assist your team

With our support, your crew can understand our products, fit them correctly, and even receive on-site training at your facility. Our team can inspect and report your fleet’s engine pipes and lagging condition.

Asset-specific Packages

Blanket kits for Liebherr machines

You should implement blankets that align with your asset fire prevention plan. For example, you could specify coverings for Liebherr trucks’ turbos, manifolds, and engine pipes. Additionally to protecting brand-new assets, Aletek blankets can also be used to replace old lagging and for engine rebuild projects.

Turbo & junction blankets

You can reduce surface temperatures below combustion thresholds by lagging hot parts such as turbos and junctions. A fuel leak can result in a fire if turbos aren’t protected with blankets. Our spring system makes blankets easy to attach and take off.

Manifold blankets

A manifold generates a significant amount of heat. Aletek blankets cool surfaces below the temperatures at which fuel combustion occurs. For lagging to be effective, it must provide sufficient coverage with a snug fit.

Exhaust pipe blankets

Add thermal blankets to engine pipes to protect them from fire hazards. If you have grease pumps nearby, you may consider adding blankets to your exhaust pipes. Due to their fish scale design, fluids and contaminants can run off Aletek blankets.

Muffler & tailpipe blankets

If mufflers cause radiant heat issues that affect surrounding parts, consider adding thermal lagging. Minimise fire risks by shielding Liebherr exhaust parts from potential fire hazards. To eliminate hotspots, Aletek muffler and tailpipe blankets have sewn collars from the engine pipe to the mufflers.


To defend your Liebherr excavators from fire, add blankets to your engine pipes and hot parts like turbos. We create class-leading fire mitigation solutions by combining our Australian production with acclaimed quality blankets. Various blanket packages are available for excavators from the R 994 up to the legendary R 9800.

Haul Trucks

We offer blanket solutions tailored to Liebherr haul trucks. You can protect your ultra-class T 282 trucks from fire with our lagging solutions. Shield hot parts like manifolds, turbochargers and engine pipes to prevent fire threats like burst fuel lines. Client feedback helps us improve our products.

Other Assets

On request, we can also supply thermal blankets for other Liebherr assets. In particular, we recommend shielding hot parts such as turbos, manifolds, mufflers, and exhaust pipes. Please get in touch with us if you would like more information about our custom blanket options.

The Aletek Advantage

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