We work closely with sites to remove frustration from sound

In-house design, engineering, and fabrication capabilities

Full-service project management

Onsite support, installation and sound testing

In-house fabrication

Sound suppression exhaust systems

  • Achieve noise compliance for non-compliant fleets
  • We improve maintenance access and serviceability
  • Save time on installation and maximise asset availability
  • We use innovation in design to solve onsite problems
  • Our in-house fabrication is a strategic advantage
  • Dependable project management, services and parts supply

Sound suppression begins with identifying your compliance requirements and acoustic targets. Our comprehensive approach to sound is what makes us stand out, according to our GM. We are also known for reliable project management and dependable after-sales parts supply.

We can solve some common noise complaints

Many things can go wrong with sound suppression and noise attenuation for your fleet. Here are some tough questions that might hit home:

  • Are your suppression and noise attenuation systems non-compliant?
  • Is the engine bay difficult to access?
  • Are exhaust and intake pipes blocking engine access?
  • Do underbelly guards and engine bay doors fall off?
  • Are trucks heavy with a bulky radiator attenuator?

If you’ve encountered any of these issues, we can help. Our innovative approach to noise compliance can solve the above problems.

What makes us a sound choice?

We aim to maximise asset availability while complying with noise regulations. You can achieve the following critical objectives with Aletek:

  • Easy maintenance – unobstructed access to the engine bay and valve set, no need to remove pipes
  • Fleet noise compliance – a proven track record in overhauling and attenuating fleets
  • Project management and post-installation support – end-to-end support and reliable spare parts supply

Our sound suppression solutions

Multi-stage package options

We offer multi-stage packages for incremental attenuation. Our modular approach uses only the suppression components your assets require rather than imposing a preconceived ‘box it all up’ mentality. Your trucks can haul larger payloads and save money with fewer bulky suppression add-ons.

Sound suppression exhausts and silencers

We can design OEM replacement suppression exhausts and custom solutions, such as rear exit conversions for your assets. Depending on your application, we may be able to offer dual-wall options for acoustic reduction or fire mitigation.

  • Options: Single and dual-stage silencers
  • Integration: Direct-fit to turbo, simplified installation, minimal hot works
  • Dual-wall pipes: acoustic-lined or thermal insulated (MDG 15)
  • Designed and fabricated in-house

We can assist with applications that only require an exhaust silencer to replace OEM mufflers.

Thermal lagging mitigates fires

Protect turbos and manifolds with lagging for fire mitigation (MDG 15). Add thermal blankets to acoustic-lined exhaust pipes. Our thermal optioned dual-walls have built-in insulation, so no blankets are needed.

Our track record sounds impressive

We have created impressive solutions for our clients, like our Komatsu 830E multi-stage package. It saves weight, allows larger payloads, and crews can install it in a few shifts! Our T282 system solves maintenance access issues, and we’ve received compliments saying, “this is the best system we’ve seen”.


For potentially less upfront investment, we can help you increase payload, engine accessibility, and engine airflow. We have also created suppression solutions for OEMs like Caterpillar and Hitachi, such as excavators, haul trucks, tow hauls, water carts, and XQ upgrades.

Innovative by design

Noise attenuation solutions

Our noise-attenuating solutions complement our sound-suppression exhaust systems. Let us fix your problems like sub-standard engine doors and hanging underbelly guards. We can also redesign bulky fans and attenuators to lighten your trucks.

Grid box attenuators

Installation is faster with our grid box attenuator design that bolts on and off. Lightweight, liftable doors make it easy to inspect the blower motor.

  • Acoustic Performance: Broadband noise attenuation, absorbs critical frequencies
  • Removable attenuators: Improved maintenance access and replacement cost savings

Acoustic engine enclosures

Innovation is a core component of our acoustic engine enclosures. Let us help you reduce haul truck noise with our innovative acoustic doors. Our doors have built-in fire suppression access to protect your assets.

  • Integration: Direct-fit OEM replacement doors
  • Acoustics: Disrupts engine bay noise propagation
  • Features: Acoustic insulation, plate exterior, minimal hot works
  • Stairs: Compatible with OEM foldable engine access stairs

We offer other acoustic enclosures, including underbelly panels, drivetrain and transmission solutions.

Acoustic engine fans

Our Acoustic Engine Fans are direct-fit with custom-machined flanges for hassle-free installation. Unlike radiator attenuators, acoustic fans require no chassis extensions and save weight.

  • Acoustics: Reduced broadband noise, benefits A-weight SWL (linear)
  • Features: High airflow, lightweight, and adjustable blade pitch for improved acoustics

Other attenuation solutions

  • Blower Ducts: Tailored acoustic designs
  • Pumps: Custom solutions to reduce noise propagation

Our team can refurbish your acoustic foam and attenuation panels at our Hunter Valley office. Sound us out for your mining noise attenuation needs.

Aletek advantage

Our Commitment

As engineers and fabricators, we take our jobs seriously. Design Team members are acoustics, research and development, and 3D design experts. Matching OEM exhaust paths is ensured by the use of pipe jigs.


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