DPF installation assistance and tech support

DPF monitoring and data management

Emissions and on-site testing

DPF cleaning and lifecycle management

Underground Fleet Support

On-site and remote DPF servicing expertise

The winning formula for DPF maintenance

A forward-thinking approach is essential for underground teams when it comes to DPF maintenance. Use the following mindsets to make informed servicing decisions to extend the life of your DPFs:

  • Use proactive reviews to maintain DPF operational efficiency
  • Streamline DPF maintenance scheduling with Exhaust Backpressure Monitoring (EBM)
  • We provide technical assistance, DPF cleaning, and on-site testing

Partner with us for strategic insights

You can improve your underground operation through a partnership with Aletek. We provide the following strategic services:

  • One-stop shop for DPFs, data analysis, and maintenance
  • With one call, you’ll get expert advice and tech support
  • Fleet monitoring, DPF inspections, and in-field services
  • Rotable frame management and DPF cleaning

Support and resources for DPF installs

Expert assistance is available if your fitters need help installing DPFs. Install and user guides, as well as other resources, may be accessible depending on the asset. Our underground support team is also available to assist you with on-site installation.

Site-based testing and DPF assessment

Our DPF health check services are available to help predict DPF service scheduling. We can assist with in-field support, off-site data retrieval, and review data to forecast lifecycles.

  • Fleet audits with DPF health reporting
  • Emissions monitoring to measure, record, and check DPM​ output
  • On-site tests, including gas discharge, tailpipe light scattering and DPM ambient testing
  • Gravimetric assessment for DPF filter performance

We have a dedicated Underground Service Manager and Business Development Managers on both coasts.

DPF cleaning and rotable frame handling

DPF cleaning is necessary for a number of reasons. DPM is converted to ash in our DPF cleaning procedure, allowing filters to perform as they should. Ash is trapped in the DPF substrate during the regeneration process. As ash loads increase, gas flow will become restricted and backpressure problems will occur.

We provide custom rotatable frames to protect DPFs during transportation and storage. DPFs are often sent for cleaning using rotable frames; another is rotated into operation while the first is being cleaned. Our maintenance management program makes it easy to clean your DPFs without disrupting on-site productivity.


Is there a project you need help with?
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