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Proactive upgrades can enhance fleet reliability

Dealing with problems escalated by a site can be frustrating, especially if the problem was preventable. Let us help you avert some of these challenges. We can help you implement proactive upgrades that extend service life, reduce downtime, and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Installation assistance

Expert technical support

Testing and reports

Exhaust-related fleet audits

Upgrades engineered for reliability and performance

It is a challenge for reliability engineers to schedule rebuilds while balancing risk and operational availability. A key goal is to forecast the financial outlay with the lowest risk and reduce decision-making liabilities. Investing in Aletek equipment upgrades can extend your equipment’s reliability and positively impact your bottom line.

  • Thermal blankets: Thermal lagging is crucial for fire mitigation (MDG 15) and can safeguard assets from avoidable engine fires. Our purpose-engineered product is easy to use for maintenance crews and provides unrivalled protection.
  • Exhaust systems: Aletek exhaust parts improve performance and extend operational durability. We’ve enhanced dual-wall pipes by relocating vent ports to prevent inner wall failures and strengthened pipe ends with solid machined flanges. We recommend our exhaust systems as a strategic upgrade to correct OEM weaknesses and reinforce fatigue zones.
  • Suppression & attenuation: We configure sound suppression exhausts to maximise maintenance crew access. Our designers invest time in optimising pipe routes to avoid slow maintenance activities (eg. no pipes impeding servicing). Comparatively, our systems are often faster and easier to install.
  • DPF systems: We engineer our DPFs for performance. Oversized filters eliminate OEM restrictions for improved performance, fewer backpressure issues and better ash storage. As a result, maintenance crews can minimise excessive filter cleaning and servicing.

A proactive approach to reliability engineering

Increasing asset availability is about finding micro-efficiencies and proactive upgrades that increase reliability. Following these practical approaches, you can set up your maintenance teams and superintendents for success.

For fleet fire mitigation, specify thermal lagging

Thermal blankets are integral to asset protection programs. The blanket solutions we offer help fleets achieve AS 5062 compliance and reduce the risk of preventable engine fires. We engineer our blankets to make installation and removal easy.

When rebuilding, consider upgrading exhaust systems

For strategic upgrades, we can do a deep dive with you. For example, if you’re rebuilding engines, you could proactively consider replacing a complete exhaust system. In addition, you may consider replacing pipe bellows annually as a preventative measure. In this risk model, exhaust parts are likely to be equally worn at the next rebuild. This strategy may lead to fewer non-scheduled pipe and bellow replacements for reliability engineers.

To unlock performance, invest in DPF upgrades

Many maintenance crews view DPFs as an annoyance that restricts machine performance and needs frequent cleaning. Consider Aletek DPFs a strategic upgrade instead of absorbing unplanned cleaning costs and compromising fleet efficiency.

The Aletek Advantage

Uncompromised processes create reliable products


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