Tailor-made Upgrades

Let us help you reduce downtime

We understand the importance of machine availability. Your KPIs suffer from unplanned downtime, early component failure, and restricted parts availability. As a result, Aletek has developed specialised OEM replacement products to resolve these problems.

Installation assistance

Expert technical support

Testing and reports

Exhaust-related fleet audits

Our solution to unplanned downtime

We design our products for extended reliability and dependability. Site crew feedback on OEM part issues is integral to our continuous improvement process.

  • Thermal blankets – Quick-fit springs are easy to remove during maintenance activities. With no foil lining inside, blankets can be reused easily (no more baking to the turbo).
  • OEM replacement exhausts – Enhanced designs and reinforced components make our systems extremely reliable. Having proven operational durability reduces maintenance and unplanned replacements.
  • Sound suppression packages – Access and serviceability improvements ease maintenance teams’ frustration. We design engine bays and valve sets to be easily accessible.
  • DPF upgrades – Premium filters and superior heavy-duty engineering can extend service life, requiring less filter cleaning. Pre-plan scheduled servicing with the help of data logger monitoring.

Preventing early component failures

The reliability of Aletek products goes beyond what was thought possible.

  • Thermal blankets – As a result of our visual condition audits, we gain insight into blanket endurance. Despite being subjected to extreme heat and punishment, Aletek blankets maintain an extended lifespan.
  • OEM replacement exhausts – Aletek’s 793F upgrade (six years plus) and 830E system (five years plus) show extreme endurance. We provide many improvements over OEM exhaust parts.
  • Sound suppression packages – Our comprehensive knowledge of exhaust systems underpins our sound products. We simplify complex systems and eliminate overengineering and unnecessary maintenance.
  • DPF upgrades – Our superior filter design and increased capacity extend service life. We manufacture reliable, master-built DPFs using expert designers and precision fabrication techniques.

Increasing replacement parts availability

Being local allows us to control raw material sourcing, production, and delivery. We maintain an inventory of exhaust parts and replacement parts for key assets. There are other solutions available, such as vendor-managed inventory.

We ensure our regional stocking strategy aligns with our clients’ fleets rather than relying solely on historical usage. Regarding stock availability and lead times, Aletek is committed to responsiveness, honesty and transparency.

Little things make a big difference

We value our responsive team, who consistently answer the phone or call back quickly if unavailable. If a breakdown occurs after hours, we have clear contacts to escalate the issue, strive for a quick resolution, and don’t beat around the bush.

We provide maintenance crews with site-specific parts catalogues and easy-to-read parts diagrams that show the correct installation order. Aletek parts clearly display details like part numbers and airflow direction badges. We provide value-adds such as rotable frames to protect DPFs during transportation.

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most. By choosing Aletek aftermarket upgrades, you can reduce unplanned downtime and simplify maintenance.

The Aletek Advantage


As engineers and fabricators, we take our jobs seriously. Design Team members are acoustics, research and development, and 3D design experts. Matching OEM exhaust paths is ensured by the use of pipe jigs.


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