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Wall-flow DPFs for Sandvik

  • Improved air for underground crews
  • Direct-fit for OEM integration where possible
  • Optimised performance helps reduce downtime
  • Our process assures quality and reliability
  • We extend operational life with our DPFs
  • Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Could your Sandvik DPFs benefit from an upgrade? With Aletek DPFs, assets are more efficient, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced, and workers are safer from harmful emissions. Asset management strategies should consider these factors.

Strategic advantages

  • Reduced DPM means cleaner air underground
  • DPFs are direct replacements for OEM (no welding)
  • Enclosures built with 304-grade stainless steel
  • Low regen temperatures and less maintenance from best-in-class filters
  • Minimise backpressure and enhance performance

Minesite conditions, duty cycles, and other operational factors (e.g. flat tramming) will impact the DPF lifecycle. Our DPF service life improvements usually save our clients 30-40% on TCO. Assets can also benefit from Aletek DPFs with improved efficiency and performance.

Aletek filters set the standard

Our emission control technology can help you make Sandvik underground drill rigs, loaders, and trucks more efficient. We use best-in-class filters in our DPFs to reduce power loss and backpressure issues.

  • Capture >99% of DPM with our wall-flow DPFs
  • Regeneration substrates with premium catalyst coatings
  • Filters with higher capacity store more soot (less maintenance)
  • High airflow filters mitigate backpressure and low power
  • Improved service life and decreased cleaning expenses

Innovative DPF systems for Sandvik

Our wall-flow DPFs have an advanced filter design that provides the highest efficiency. We use heavy-duty steel for DPF housings and rock covers to withstand operational demands. For transport protection, pair our DPFs with optional rotable frames.

We manufacture custom thermal lagging kits to mitigate engine fires at mine sites. Thermal insulation protects hot engine components from flammable risks and reduces excessive heat transfer. You can safeguard your DPFs and exhaust components with our insulation products.

Partial DPF solutions may be an option when wall-flow regeneration conditions are not satisfied. We also offer OEM replacement exhaust pipes and muffler options.

Asset-based DPF showcase

Sandvik underground machines can reap the benefits of Aletek DPFs. We offer a variety of solutions, including:

  • Underground drill rigs: DD series 321, 420 & 421, DS series 420 & 421
  • Underground loaders: LH series 151, 203, 410, 514, 517, 621
  • Underground trucks: TH series 550 & 663

DPF systems from Aletek tend to have a substantially longer lifespan. Some clients report a financial saving of up to 50%. By increasing lifecycles and boosting operational effectiveness, we can help you reduce ownership expenses.

Direct-fit OEM Replacements

DPFs, exhaust parts & lagging for Sandvik

We supply superior DPF systems and exhaust parts that replace or upgrade OEM parts. You can improve your Sandvik exhaust ecosystem by swapping to direct-fit DPFs from Aletek. We also manufacture thermal lagging products and OEM replacement exhaust parts.

DPF upgrades

We manufacture tailor-made DPF replacements for Sandvik mining machines. With our DPFs, you can minimise DPM and increase asset performance simultaneously. Our DPF upgrades are available for underground loaders as well as trucks. We offer DPF systems for Sandvik underground drills also.

Muffler systems

We may offer muffler upgrades for your Sandvik assets. As part of our specialised product range, we manufacture high-performance exhaust systems. The best powder coatings provide corrosion and abrasion resistance. To learn more, contact our underground team.

DPF thermal lagging

A thermal lagging kit can reduce engine fire risk. Lagging reduces heat dispersion from DPFs and engine pipes. We can manufacture lagging kits for Sandvik DPFs, turbos, manifolds, and engine pipes. Learn more about our existing and custom solutions by contacting us.

Underground drill rigs

Upgrade your Sandvik underground drills to Aletek DPFs for a performance boost. Direct-fit DPF upgrades are our specialty. Our DPF upgrades are built explicitly for machines like DD321, DD420 & 421, and DS420 & 421.

Underground loaders (LH series)

Consider Aletek DPFs if you want to reduce downtime for your Sandvik LH loaders. We offer DPF upgrades including LH151, LH203, LH410, LH514, LH517 and LH621 loaders. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a rotable frame.

Underground trucks (TH series)

Take your Sandvik underground trucks to the next level with our bespoke DPFs. We offer tailor-made solutions for TH550 and TH663 assets in various engine configurations. Get in touch with us for information about custom rotable frames and thermal lagging.

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