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Wall-Flow DPFs for Caterpillar

  • Underground workers can breathe cleaner air with better DPF filters
  • OEM compatible with direct-fit installation
  • Performance improvements result in reduced downtime
  • Our approach guarantees quality and longevity
  • Increase service life with our DPFs
  • Save on life of ownership costs (TCO)

Is it time to upgrade your CAT DPFs? In addition to boosting asset performance, our DPFs lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and protect workers from emissions. A comprehensive asset management plan should take this into account.

Strategic advantages

  • Improved underground air quality with lower DPM levels
  • Direct-fit DPFs that interchange with OEM (no hot works)
  • Robust 304-grade stainless steel housings
  • Durable rock covers built with plate steel
  • Superior substrates for less servicing and lower regeneration temperatures
  • Optimise performance and reduce backpressure

The life expectancy of a DPF is affected by onsite conditions, duty cycles, and operating aspects like flat tramming. Customers typically save 30-40% on TCO with our DPF lifespan improvements. DPFs from Aletek can also help improve the efficiency and output of machines.

Filters from Aletek are game-changing

Through our expertise in emission control, we can improve the efficiency of your Caterpillar underground trucks, loaders and graders. For power loss prevention and reduced backpressure, we use best-in-class filters in our DPFs.

  • Our wall-flow DPFs trap >99% of DPM
  • Premium catalyst-coated substrates for regeneration
  • Filters with extra capacity hold more soot (less servicing)
  • A high-flow filter reduces power and backpressure problems
  • Reduced cleaning expenses and increased service life

Leading DPF upgrades for Caterpillar

We believe that our wall-flow DPFs are better by design and feature the most efficient filters on the market. Our rock covers and DPF enclosures are made of heavy-duty steel to endure the rigours of underground mining. We offer optional rotable frames for DPFs for transit protection.


We’re experts at creating custom thermal lagging (insulation blankets) for fire mitigation. Lagging mitigates excessive thermal transfer and shields hot engine components from hazards. Custom insulation is available to protect your DPFs and exhaust parts.


OEM-compatible engine pipes and mufflers are also available. Partial DPF solutions are an option when assets cannot regenerate wall-flow DPF temperatures.

DPF showcase by asset type

Aletek DPFs can enhance the effectiveness of Caterpillar underground machines. Here are some of our most sought-after options:

  • Underground loaders: R1300G, R1600H, R1700G, R2900G and R3000H
  • Underground trucks: AD30, AD45B, AD55/B, AD60 and AD63
  • Grader DPFs: 12M and 140M
  • Wheel loader DPFs: 924K, 950M and 962M

Reduced ownership costs result from increased lifespans and other operational efficiencies. There is typically a significant increase in the life expectancy of DPF systems from Aletek. Some of our clients estimate up to 50% savings.

OEM Compatible Upgrades

DPFs, exhaust parts & lagging for Caterpillar

Our replacement DPFs and exhaust parts make it easy for maintenance teams to change or upgrade OEM parts. A direct-fit DPF from Aletek can enhance the performance of Caterpillar exhaust systems. Additionally, we provide custom-made thermal insulation blankets and exhaust part upgrades.

DPF upgrades for Caterpillar

Aletek manufactures bespoke replacement DPFs for Caterpillar underground machines. Our Caterpillar DPFs help minimise DPM while increasing asset performance. DPF upgrades are available for underground loaders and trucks. We also offer improved DPFs for select graders and wheel loaders.

Muffler system upgrades for Caterpillar

You may be able to upgrade your assets with heavy-duty mufflers from our range of aftermarket Caterpillar parts. We offer superior exhaust systems as part of our specialised product range. For corrosion and wear protection, we use a high-temperature powder coating. Get in touch with our underground experts to learn more.

Exhaust & engine pipes for Caterpillar

We can fabricate engine pipes for turbo connections as part of our DPF offering. Depending on the asset, we supply engine pipes with DPFs or use OEM pipes. Typically, our exhaust parts are direct-fit with OEM systems. We include bracketry and V-band clamps whenever we supply pipes to facilitate installation of the replacement parts for caterpillar equipment.

DPF thermal insulation blankets for Caterpillar

Using thermal insulation blankets (lagging) helps mitigate engine fire risk. Thermal lagging is available for Caterpillar DPFs, turbos, manifolds, and exhaust pipes. Heat dispersion from DPFs and engine pipes is reduced by installing lagging. Some of the assets we’ve created blanket kits for are 12M, 140M, 950M, and AD45.

Underground Loaders (LHD)

To prevent downtime on your Caterpillar LHD loaders, invest in Aletek DPFs. Aletek’s Caterpillar DPFs are available for R1300G, R1600H, and R1700G loaders. For R2900G and R3000H, we have DPF and rotable frame options available.

Underground Trucks (AD series)

We specialise in DPF upgrades for Caterpillar underground trucks. Our range includes tailor-made solutions for AD30, AD45B, AD55/B, AD60 and AD63 assets. Ask us about rotable frame and thermal lagging options.

DPFs for Graders

Our replacement DPFs for Caterpillar graders provide safer emissions and less restricted performance. Motor Graders can benefit from direct-fit DPF upgrades like our 12M and 140M DPF solution with optional thermal lagging. Get in touch with our underground experts to meet your DPF performance and emission targets.

DPFs for Caterpillar Wheel Loaders

You can enhance your Caterpillar Wheel Loader assets with Aletek DPF upgrades. Benefits include reduced backpressure and safer air for workers. Our solutions include a 950M DPF upgrade and an optional thermal blanket kit. We’ve also built pDPF solutions (partial filters) for 924K and 926M loaders.

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