Lifetime Fleet Upgrades

Micro improvements can improve your fleet strategy

Compared with the total cost of an asset, our specialised range of niche products represents only a fractional percentage. We partner with corporate clients to help improve fleet efficiency by that elusive 1%. These 1% improvements are often incremental, and long-term success builds on previous gains.

Installation assistance

Expert technical support

Testing and reports

Exhaust-related fleet audits

How our modest upgrades make a big impact

Corporate strategists and asset managers strive to improve fleet efficiency and strategically upgrade equipment. Retrofitting your fleet with our aftermarket products may achieve these goals.

  • Thermal blanket solutions: Our lagging products help protect assets from preventable engine fires. Crews speak highly about our quick-fit, purpose-built blankets for fire mitigation.
  • Exhaust systems: OEM exhaust parts might seem like an easy option. However, for long-term reliability and cost savings, consider Aletek OEM replacement parts. Our direct-fit exhaust parts deliver extreme durability and rectify OEM weaknesses.
  • Suppression & attenuation: Noise compliance can be an unforgiving process. Our systems improve access to maintenance, reduce installation time, and streamline operations.
  • DPF systems: DPF upgrades improve worker safety while reducing harmful emissions. To reduce performance restrictions and excessive filter cleaning, we use oversized filters.

Partner with us for your structured rebuilds and fleet upgrades

We understand how critical it is to simultaneously minimise fleet costs and maximise fleet productivity. We are a trusted rebuild partner for many reputable corporate clients and work closely with them to achieve their fleet goals.

You may consider a trial implementation as part of your fleet upgrade program to gauge our capabilities. Other corporate clients have used this technique to evaluate our product in the field, measure its performance, and see first-hand how reliable it is.


Our proactive and collaborative approach

Corporate clients benefit from our personalised approach. As part of our proactive support, we may provide on-site quarterly review meetings with relevant data on product improvements, onsite value-adds, cost savings, and DIFOT reports.

Our product-level goals are improved reliability and innovation. Aletek’s capabilities include CAD design, engineering, R&D, fabrication, and project management. With this in-depth approach, fleets can improve long-term reliability and lower TCO.

Bridging the gap between head office and site crews

Offering comprehensive support to corporate teams and site-based teams promotes genuine alignment. Onsite maintenance crews can access technical support, user guides, and parts catalogues for installation assistance. As maintenance-related issues arise, we respond quickly.

We help reduce asset downtime by maintaining local spare parts inventories for contracted assets. We offer customised solutions such as lagging and exhaust systems for unique engine and asset configurations. Our value-add services include exhaust-related fleet audits, emissions testing, and project management.

The Aletek Advantage

Better products from strategy-driven processes


Is there a project you need help with?
Maybe you want to upgrade your fleet to reduce downtime. We’ve got dedicated Business Development Managers to help you meet your onsite goals. Get in touch to learn more and ask about our site-specific parts catalogues.

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