Extended Reliability

Improving machine utilisation starts with 1%

Partner with us to improve your fleet KPIs, such as machine utilisation. By improving asset reliability by just 1%, you can reduce preventable downtime and increase machine availability. You can achieve that initial 1% improvement with the help of our specialised machine-enhancing products.

Installation assistance

Expert technical support

Testing and reports

Exhaust-related fleet audits

How we improve machine availability

Maintenance leaders face the challenge of balancing asset availability and uptime without sacrificing preventative maintenance. We combine superior processes, an unrelenting quality commitment, and a better-by-design mindset to produce highly durable products.

  • Thermal blankets: Our products are easy to install and remove for maintenance. Unlike foil-based products that bake onto turbos, our blanket layers are fit-for-purpose and better facilitate reuse.
  • Exhaust systems: Aletek exhausts are built for durability. We improve OEM weaknesses and reinforce fatigue points. Our dual-wall systems eliminate OEM vent port issues and feature robust construction with solid machined flanges for longevity.
  • Suppression & attenuation: We help sites achieve noise compliance through our proven processes and in-house capabilities. Our systems are often faster and easier to install compared to other suppliers. We put innovation at the forefront and maximise access for maintenance crews.
  • DPF upgrades: A superior DPF begins with a superior filter. Unrestricted performance is achieved with our advanced filters. Our oversized filters store more ash and require less servicing.

We build resilience into our products

It takes research and deliberate action to build reliability into products. To create a truly superior product, we put in the hard yards with R&D, meticulous design, supplier partnerships, and precision manufacturing.

Our purpose-built upgrades make us a strategic choice over OEM replacement parts for long-term reliability. The last thing you want to hear about is fitment or compatibility issues from the workshop. You can rely on our products for peace of mind and dependable performance.

We can offer your crew high-level value adds such as customised lagging solutions, exhaust-related fleet audits, emissions testing and monitoring, and reliable project management.

Products and services tailored to you

Workflow alignment is our priority. We can store spare parts for key assets or offer vendor-managed inventory options. Design solutions tailored to unique engine configurations and specific assets, such as water trucks, are available. Our in-house R&D allows us to improve reliability with innovative design and material selection.

Our Australian production facility allows us to procure raw materials, manufacture products, and deliver them efficiently. As well as exhaust parts, we stock replacement parts locally. Location-based inventory aligns with our client’s assets. We’re also transparent with our lead time communication.

When you need answers fast, we're ready

Our team’s priority is to respond quickly to give you the answers you need when maintenance-related issues arise and assets are down. Maintenance crews can access site-specific parts catalogues with concise diagrams that guide the installation sequence. You may be able to receive on-site training and installation support.

Small things can make a big difference. By choosing Aletek aftermarket upgrades, you can gain that next 1% to further enhance asset reliability.

The Aletek Advantage

Exceptional products require superior processes


Is there a project you need help with?
Maybe you want to upgrade your fleet to reduce downtime. We’ve got dedicated Business Development Managers to help you meet your onsite goals. Get in touch to learn more and ask about our site-specific parts catalogues.

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