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Liebherr compatible exhaust upgrades

  • Reduce downtime for Liebherr mining equipment and enhance productivity
  • Save costs upfront and reduce lifetime investment
  • Boost Liebherr exhaust performance
  • Durable and dependable upgrades
  • Swap exhaust components between Aletek and Liebherr
  • Exhausts in stock for select Liebherr assets

Aletek exhausts can increase the productivity of your Liebherr mining equipment. Our purpose-built exhausts deliver outstanding performance for Liebherr excavators and trucks. By removing OEM fatigue points, our tough exhausts can prolong product lifespans. Make Aletek your Liebherr parts supplier.

Strategic benefits

  • Reduce ownership costs by 30% or more
  • Pipes are interchangeable with OEM
  • Heavy-duty machined flanges prevent fracturing of pipe ends
  • Australia-made design and fabrication
  • No need for exhaust modifications on site
  • For specific assets, we can warehouse exhaust pipes

Managing equipment downtime is one of our top priorities. We build exhaust systems to last and simplify exhaust installation. Aletek backs our exhaust upgrades for 100% compatibility with OEM exhaust setups.

Exhaust parts compatible with Liebherr

You can substitute Aletek exhaust parts with Liebherr exhaust components. You can then select between two suppliers and have a backup if there are parts supply issues. As a bonus, Aletek Liebherr parts allow you to save on your initial investment. We offer mufflers, tailpipes, fitting hardware, and accessories for Liebherr and exhaust pipes.

Dual-wall exhaust upgrades for Liebherr

Our Liebherr T282 dual-wall exhaust upgrade is an excellent choice to extract more from your Liebherr fleet. Reduce engine fire risk, improve durability, and simplify servicing (no lagging on exhaust pipes) with our dual-wall upgrades.

A selection of our exhausts for Liebherr

You can streamline your fleet’s productivity, resilience, and effectiveness with Aletek exhausts. Some of the solutions we provide are listed below.

  • Excavators: Liebherr R 996 B, R 9350 and R 9400
  • Dump Trucks: Liebherr T 282 dual-wall and sound suppression packages

With our product expertise and quality Australian fabrication, our exhaust systems are custom-designed for Liebherr dump trucks. A solid machine flange prevents early component failure at engine pipe ends. Additionally, we build durable exhaust upgrades for Liebherr excavators, such as the R 996 B.

OEM Interchangeable

Parts for Liebherr exhaust systems

If you need to replace Liebherr exhaust parts, choose the best quality. The credibility that Aletek has earned for making high-quality exhaust parts is undisputed. Product reliability, exceptional fabrication, and Australian quality make us one of the best in the business. We’d love the chance to solve your exhaust problems with our Liebherr OEM compatible parts.

Exhaust pipe products for Liebherr

Assembling sections of straight and elbow pipes is easier with our flanged pipe ends. The steel we use is premium 2mm reinforced steel. We use airflow badges to indicate the airflow path and simplify the assembly process. We systematically position vent openings in dual-wall pipes to stop internal walls from collapsing.

Muffler assemblies for Liebherr

We use 3mm steel with powder-coated muffler assemblies to prevent rust and deterioration. To fix exhaust products in place, we rely on strengthened mounting plates. The logo badges indicate the direction of exhaust discharge. We are known for the robustness of our mine-spec exhausts and mufflers.

Fittings, hanging rods and hardware

Our inventory includes exhaust hardware to support our Liebherr-compatible exhaust systems. We offer V-band clamps, straps, hanging rods, hex bolts, and more for installation. We also stock mounting brackets, gaskets for exhaust installation, and fasteners.


With Aletek exhaust components, your Liebherr excavators can operate more efficiently. As a leading aftermarket exhaust supplier, we provide improved exhausts like our R 9400 upgrade. We recommend installing thermal blankets on exhaust pipes, turbos, and manifolds to prevent engine fires.

Ultra Class Trucks

A variety of exhaust upgrades, dual-wall packages and noise attenuation systems are available for Liebherr dump trucks. We create exhaust upgrades among the finest available for Liebherr ultra-class trucks. We have achieved legendary status with our T 282 sound suppression and dual-wall exhaust upgrades.


Our designers may be able to assist with tailor-made exhaust upgrades for your Liebherr dozers. Our team is committed to solving challenges for Liebherr dozer fleets instead of providing one-off products. We specialise in tailored exhaust upgrades, DPF systems, and thermal lagging solutions.

The Aletek Advantage

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