When it comes to data loggers for DPFs, failing to plan is planning to fail. Let’s explore this more in our DPF Essential Series, part 3.

In our experience, we’ve found that the best way to manage and maintain DPFs is through proactive strategies. We do this by monitoring three vital statistics; the engine RPM, the exhaust gas temperature, and the exhaust backpressure. We extract this data and use it for:

  • Predictive analysis
  • Proactive planning of DPF maintenance
  • Historical analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Through the use of an exhaust data logger, we can help you maintain the safety of your engine components and maximise the lifecycle of the DPF.

Aletek data logger features

  • Stainless Steel IP66 enclosure
  • ‘Plug n Play’ wiring harness
  • Stainless braided Teflon hose
  • Dash-mounted data download
  • Harnesses are protected with a fire-rated sleeve

At Aletek, we pride ourselves on increasing operational efficiencies and reducing unplanned maintenance.

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