Are the engines and exhaust setup of your fleet protected with thermal blankets? Aletek blankets protect assets like this Cat 793C and allow maintenance access to essential components (such as oil and fuel lines and inspection points). Your fleet’s safety shouldn’t be compromised with inferior blankets. With Aletek tailor-made blankets, mine fleets are protected by the best materials and superior craftsmanship.

Our tailored 793C blanket kit protects manifolds, turbos, junctions, and engine pipes. Shielding these extreme-heated components is critical to isolate them from flammable fluids and burst hoses. Here are a few takeaways and design improvements:

  • Manifold blankets: Manifold to turbo collar removes gaps
  • Turbo blankets: Sewn collars (turbo to engine pipe), place oil lines outside turbo blankets
  • Junction blankets: Reinforced edge for bracket-holes, tailor-made for minimal gaps
  • Engine pipe blankets: Quick-fit springs for install and removal, fish scale design so liquids/fluid/debris can run off

See our 793C Tech Sheet under resources via the button below.

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