Wall Flow Diesel Particulate Filter

Aletek Diesel Particulate Filters are designed to trap diesel particulate matter >99% and gaseous emissions produced by diesel engines.

Aletek Wall Flow Filters

The substrates used are a catalyst coated cordierite. The catalyst coating eliminates the requirement of a DOC upstream of the DPF reducing the backpressure on the exhaust system. Cordierite substrates are thermally stable to temperatures well in exceedance of the operating range of diesel engines, unlike it’s commonly used silicon carbide counterpart. Aletek substrates are VERT approved and rated DPF’s. They are engineered and tested to remove ultrafine and nano particulate from the exhaust stream.

A vehicle or engine fitted with an Aletek diesel particulate filter operates normally using only the heat generated in the exhaust gas to passively burn off particulates in a continuous manner. This process is known as passive regeneration and takes place whilst the engine is running. For continuous regenation to occur, the equipment must be operated so that its duty cycle produces exhaust temperatures greater then the balance point of the DPF for more than 30% of the time. The required operating conditions of the DPF is for the temperature to remain over 350 degrees C° for 30% of the operating time. This will ensure that the filter remains cleaner and there will be no consequences from increased backpressure.

The advantages of Aletek's Wall Flow Filters are:

  • Filters are available in a variety of designs to meet on road, off road, stationary and marine applications
  • Filters require no active regeneration or fuel borne additives
  • Available for retrofit in line on the exhaust system or integration into the silencer or muffler
  • Complete with backpressure and temperature monitor that ensures peak performance and limited downtime
  • Effectively removes diesel nano-particles (highest human health risks)
  • High diesel particulate reduction and minimal maintenance requirements 


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