Dual Skinned Thermal Reduction Exhaust Systems

Aletek offers a range of dual skinned and thermal reduction exhaust systems to effectively control exhaust surface temperatures and reduce the requirement for thermal blankets.

Aletek's expertise in the design of heavy duty exhaust systems and thermal insulation blankets give us the ability to provide first class insulated exhaust products. 

Insulated exhausts, also known as dual skinned exhausts are available as an options for pipes, bellows, flanges, muffler and complete exhaust systems from engine to tailpipe.

Dual skinned exhaust systems are available in a range of materials including mild steel, aluminised steel and stainless steel and are totally impervious to fuels and oils making them an excellent choice for applications where insulation blankets deteriorate.

Aletek's dual skinned insulated exhausts provide similar heat reduction properties to thermal blankets and we have a wide range of innovative and unmatched solutions for flanges, clamps and mounts to ensure minimal heat transfer and to provide consistent heat reduction. To complete this range, we have a selection of triple skinned solutions for applications that require optimum heat and noise reduction and a full range of proven performance data is available upon request.