Acoustic Louvres

Aletek’s acoustic louvres have been engineered keeping in view the varying requirements of commercial and industrial applications. The louvres provide high acoustic performance, low air flow restriction and also act as weather barriers. They can be equipped with corrosion resistant bird or vermin proof mesh.

Standard range of Aletek acoustic louvres are available in specification as follows:

  • 100mm to 600mm deep
  • 30 % to 50% open area
  • Single or double bank
  • Straight inclined or chevron cross-section
In addition, Aletek’s can custom design the acoustic louvres by modifying the blade thickness, pitch and depth etc to suit site specific space, acoustic and airflow requirements.

Acoustic louvres are suitable for installation in:

  • Wall openings
  • As hinged doors
  • As noise barrier around noise equipment.
Aletek acoustic louvres are built in galvanised, zinc plated or stainless-steel sheet metal. Various choices of finish are available including powder coating, mill finish, prime painted or other specific paint finishes.  

Typical Applications:

  • Building ventilation
  • Industrial warehouse ventilation systems
  • Mine ventilation fans
  • Building plant-room intake and discharge openings
  • Generator room intake and discharge openings
  • Cooling tower induced draft ventilation
  • Chiller cooling fan ventilation
  • Acoustic enclosure ventilation

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